All Through The Barren Winter Poem by ANDREW BLAKEMORE

All Through The Barren Winter

Rating: 5.0

All through the barren winter
I have waited for this day,
To see the signs of springtime
With its colours on display,
For all the purple crocuses
And snowdrops now in bloom,
Have brought a joy into my heart
And lifted winter's gloom.

To see the golden daffodils
Now bursting into flower,
And blossoms catch the morning breeze
Upon the cherry bower,
The meadows filled with daisies
And the hawthorn draped in white,
As through the skies the swallows soar
So beautiful their sight.

The days are growing longer now
The air is warmer too,
Now soon the threat of snow will pass
And frosts will melt to dew,
As bluebells spread so far and wide
Across the woodland floor,
I know that spring has come at last
And winter is no more.

Lynda Robson 05 January 2009

A nice uplifting piece Andrew, there is something magical about Spring, and you bring it all alive in this wonderful poem, thanks 10 Lynda xx

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Thad Wilk 05 January 2009

A beautiful an elegantly written poem Andrew! scenery magnificently depicted, i can see the spring coming an the bluebells, spread across the woodland floor... Best wishes! ! *10*! ! Friend Thad

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Duncan Wyllie 07 January 2009

You use words as the painter uses his pallette , great way of seeing forward all positive Love duncan X

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Sandra Fowler 07 January 2009

A fine lyrical write. May you always carry springtime in your heart. Kind regards, Sandra

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Tsira Goge 21 February 2009

Andrew, Pleases eyes. And heart feels fine spring...10.......... Sincerely, Tsira

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Bonnie Collins 16 January 2009

Andrew, did you write this for me? ? ? This is exactly how I feel upon the arrival of spring each and every year, as I am a spring person, and you have filled this with so much colour and imagery, you can actually see the bluebells in the fields and see the welcoming crocus making its yearly greeting.... Very very good, in fact, this now is my favorite of yours, but then they all are! ! Bonnie

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C.R. Clark 15 January 2009

Andrew, what a wonderful announcement of Spring. Beautiful verse for a spectacular season. Well done, my friend. A 10 indeed. Best wishes Richard

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Your poetry flows so lyrically. There are crocuses and swallows we don't have in Australia which adds interest for me. This poem is about a new beginning and I am so glad I have started reading your picturesque poems. Karin Anderson

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Mamta Agarwal 09 January 2009

what a delightful poem. colours of spring after a barren winter. as Alison writes, your spring flowers jump off the page. the poem has a lyrical quality, and full of joy. in India, all the flowers you mention grow in Kashmir, so i refreshed my memories of the springtime i spent there. 10 Mamta

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