A Kindly Word Poem by ANDREW BLAKEMORE

A Kindly Word

Rating: 5.0

A kindly word if you should please
Don't wave the blade without relent,
No hate nor scorn that cuts me through
And has no space for sentiment.

The critics hand although precise
Has often never held a quill,
And yet he always feels it fit
To savage and impose his will.

When rambling prose can reap reward
Against a finely crafted rhyme,
So easy to the ear and eye
Yet criticized as if a crime.

I shall not change my style or ways
To suit the mentors of this land,
And those who care to follow me
I'll shake them warmly by the hand.

Abha Sharma 19 April 2008

I agree to your proposition, since ages Poetry is esteemed more than prose, poet critics will never be harsh for them poem is their child. the rhyme adds so much pleasure and adds quickness of repartee. very well composed, really liked the thoughts.

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Thad Wilk 19 April 2008

Way to go Andrew, delightful read, well executed and thought provoking! ! ! *10*! ! Best regard! Friend Thad

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C.R. Clark 19 April 2008

A well crafted verse indeed, Andrew. I like your style. Thanks and best regards Richard

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Ann Beard 20 April 2008

Nothing but praise from me Andrew. Well done. Ann

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Dr.subhendu Kar 20 April 2008

lovely poem, i do appreciate, well penned,10/10, thanks for sharing

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Alice Milne 28 October 2015

Not all critics are unfriendly. As someone who has held a pen - even a quill - I was wondering if the uneven syllable counts in stanza one and the different rhythm in stanza two were intentional. If not, you might like to look at metre as well as rhyme.

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Roseann Shawiak 16 October 2013

Very apt depiction of a critic. Love it. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Bonnie Collins 23 March 2009

Excellent write, filled with much wisdom and truth.. Each person has his own gift in life Andrew, you need not defend yours, as you are trully one of the best poets on here, and please know one of my favorites, , , NO, my favorite...... Bonnie

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This is so strong Andrew. Rhyme sets a high standard, that unfortunately society doesn't follow as it is so much less structured now. I work with both as I like to think I am free (but am not of course) but do follow the commandments that are supposed to make, and not break society as is happening now. What a school for thought this all this. I admire your talent, your truth, and your beautiful soul. Karin Anderson

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Tsira Goge 25 October 2008

Excellent thought...10... Tsira

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