A Part Of Me Died With You Poem by ANDREW BLAKEMORE

A Part Of Me Died With You

Rating: 5.0

I still remember heartache like
I'd never felt before,
With every hour that passes by
I miss you more and more,
It feels like only yesterday
I watched the stars so bright,
And a part of me died with you
On that cold and lonely night.

Now things can never be the same
A void so deep and wide,
An empty space that can't be filled
The loss I bear inside,
Still haunts me like the bitter wind
That chills me with its spite,
And a part of me died with you
On that cold and lonely night.

How cruel to me the hand of fate
That took my love away,
And left me here to weep alone
Where age and years decay,
Your image shall not weary though
A swan cut down in flight,
And a part of me died with you
On that cold and lonely night.

Mary Gordley 09 January 2008

Very touching poetry Andrew. May time soften your deep loss and leave only the love to ever warm your heart.

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Bonnie Collins 09 January 2008

Andrew, very very touching, and sad, I am trully sorry for our loss.. The choice of words are excellent, god be with you..... Bonnie Collins

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Konye obaji Ori 13 January 2008

felt like tear drops followed each word...the tone is perfect, the poem is touching. If this is based on a real loss, I hope you find the strength to carry on..best wishes.

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Duncan Wyllie 25 February 2008

You write so well, it's as if it's our own emotions are pouring over the page A fine art Andrew Love duncan X

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This is breathtakingly well-penned. A song, a poem? Either way it is magnificent. I bet many a reader relates to this and wish they had written it - I know I do. t x

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Unnikrishnan E S 15 June 2021

Touching. Melancholy Poem

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Chinedu Dike 30 October 2019

Deep sad feelings expressed in a passionate piece of poetry written with clarity of thought and mind. A beautiful work of art. Thanks for sharing Andrew.

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Crayon Poet 23 September 2019

To say that life can occasionally be discouraging would be a barbarous understatement.

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Joe Breunig 19 June 2014

An enjoyable piece; appreciated the message and how you wove the title into each stanza; nicely done. -Joe Breunig, Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

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Anjali Sinha 28 October 2008

A heart wrenching poem or is it a song--- whatever its touchyyyyyyyyyy ++++10 regards anjali (do read some of mine when time permits)

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