If We Could Live Forever Poem by ANDREW BLAKEMORE

If We Could Live Forever

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If we could live forever
How much wiser would we be?
Would we have grown accustomed
To the suffering we see?
And would the world be of one mind
United then in love?
Would we be non believers
Or have faith in God above?

Would people still be starving
On that scorched and barren plain?
Would they still be forgotten
Waiting for the season's rain?
Or would we show compassion
To the poor and those in need?
Or learn to look the other way
To fuel our selfish greed?

Would we have learned to live in peace
Or learned to count the cost?
Of all the maimed and wounded
And of those whose lives were lost?
In life we only get one chance
To do the things we should,
So if your life is long or short
Just try to do some good.

Ramesh T A 11 February 2009

Yes, in life long or short we get only one chance to do what we like and it is better we prefer to do good so that peace and happiness we can surely get without doubt!

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Ann Beard 12 February 2009

Wise and wonderful Andrew. Let us hope. Regrds Ann

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Andrew Your poem is what the inhabitants of this world need to read. I would say in Primary School it should be essential reading, as in Australia, religion is not taught in schools any more because of the different nationalities. It so though provoking and beautifully penned. Karin Anderson

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Linda 12 August 2019


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Kelly Iyogun 10 April 2016

this is lovely. Thank you for sharing Andrew

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 06 October 2015

In life we only get one chance To do the things we should, So if your life is long or short Just try to do some good. Verily, we should do good deeds, and love one and all unconditionally. Loved reading it........10

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Yelena M. 19 March 2009

Thanks for reminding by your wonderful poem that we should bring peace into this world in our lifetime. Forever is all today :)

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Ernestine Northover 23 February 2009

What a super write Andrew, it says so much and the storyline is woven so well. A delight to read, another of your superb writes. Great contents, just great. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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