~is Time A Waste Or Is Life A Waste Of Time? ~ Poem by Angelic Warrior

~is Time A Waste Or Is Life A Waste Of Time? ~

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Some say life is beautiful
some say its sad.
Some people see forests of green
some see stumps.

Doves fly peacefully in the sky.
Only to be chased away by vultures.

Some say that technology moves forward
Some say we're loosing knowledge.
Some people see gardens of daisies
Some see dead grass.

Does each generation move forward?
Or are we someday going to find ourselves back at the begining?

Some hope for world peace
Some hope with greed.
Some are destined to greatness
Some are never given a chance.

Suicide is more and more popular.
When did death become the only solution?

Some hope for a second chance
Some hope for the end.
Some are born able to fly
Some don't even have wings.

Is time a waste or is Life a waste of time?

If suddenly time were to 'stop'
No clocks or indications of passing
Would people go on with their lives?
Would we go into chaos?
In our day everything has a reason
To get from point A to point B
Marked by time
What if we didn't need a reason?

If we could just BE! ?


nicely penned indeed we all perciece life differently and in the end its up to us how we want to accept what life gives, very thought provoking

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I agree with Crystal. Deep thoughts and well executed poetry!

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* Stephen *king 27 September 2009

To take birth is the greatest crime, So life is nothing but a waste of time...a good write...

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Almedia Knight-Oliver 31 August 2009

Your poem poses a good question 'Is time a waste or is life a waste of time? every thing tells time, it seems, and life can be wasted on time and so too, time can waste lives. A very thought provoking poem about 'time'. Let's 'just be' and live life in our own time.Angelic I really love this poem. A 10++++++ i give this poem,

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Colin J... 23 June 2009

Lovely Poem... Yes! 'If we could just BE! ' better people...life would be good... Colin J...

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Jasper Matick 22 June 2009

Life is a waste of time Time is a waste of life Get wasted all the time And you'll have the time of your life. Sorry, just a quote i heard once. Thought it was quite apt. Jasper

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