A Sad Happiness Poem by Angelic Warrior

A Sad Happiness

Rating: 5.0

people are drifting away like leaves in the fall
unjust that this summer should be so tear filled
the season of blazing heat is meant to be filled with joy
with passion and carefree living
but never now
not today
will i see a bright sunny afternoon
those who leave tell me to be happy
but how can I when they are the ones who bring joy to my world?
I'll try my best just for them
just as I always do
for they are the ones i care about most
i'll do it if they ask me to.
I'll swim in the lake
I'll dance in the garden
I'll cook what their hearts desire
My only wish for them here with me
to be my points of illumination
all through night and day
I'll do as they say and live in the moment
and make it worth my while
but what i hope for in this moment joy
is that they could see and share my smile

A Lifetime Of Fame 07 July 2009

I love this poem. Beautiful, I love it.GOD bless you.

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Keith Hendrickson 07 July 2009

'people are drifting away like leaves in the fall' great opening lines.... a very good write. i cant wait to read more

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Chinedu Dike 08 November 2019

Well expressed thoughts and feelings. An insightful work of art.

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see, big heart.. fill it iwth much love ok... give it too, to the undeserving and deserving

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 09 July 2009

A good poem indeed.........but me thinks, meeting and separation is a way of life.............

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will i see a bright sunny afternoon those who leave tell me to be happy it is sad but happiness too. whopose who left may be feeling diffrent.. good poem indeed read mine... come home... home bound and no weparate ways and butterflies around

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~ Jon London ~ 08 July 2009

From start to finish, this beautiful imagery laced piece dances around the page delivering sweetness in the heart of the reader....very well composed piece that shows the raw talent you have within.....excellent piece 10+++

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