Dance Poem by Anusha Subramanian


Rating: 4.6

Everybody over here,
Are wearing their pants,
Moving their hands,
To the beats of the band.

Everybody turned around,
Folding their hands,
Jumping over cans,
And they gained their fans.

Everybody moved their legs,
Stretching their pants,
As per their plans,
And they won the audience’s glance.

Then, one by one came forward,
Taking their chance,
To show how they dance,
To the chief guests sitting in the stands.

At the end, they were rewarded with,
Applause from the stands,
Greetings from their fans,
In this country called France.

Nikhail Pandhi 10 June 2009

hey anusha...seems you like experimenting with rhyme...nd its a great attempt far as da grammar goes...wel i juz hv 1 thing to say, dat ur poem runs in both past and present tense at da same time! ! while poetry is only about experimenting with language, sometimes different tenses can create quite a rigamarolle in the readers mind...on a lighter note, i think u have a very vivid thought process which is rely good to see!

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Dylan KD. 10 June 2009

very nice poem, most of the others are also well done and give me the same feel.

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Joseph Poewhit 10 June 2009

Poem sends a message of modern culture. As for grammer, I'm not the one to ask about that. To me word flow, feelings and meaning are the thing of poetry. But, keep writing

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Elizabeth Mpanga 10 June 2009

nice and clean. keep the grammer simple for all to understand. your grammer is just fine sweetie. keep writing ok

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Chitra - 11 June 2009

fine verses...ryhtmic...well done

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Mandara Pookal 21 November 2009

I like the way your mind runs as it walks in tango with your heart and soul in this beautiful composition, regards, mandara

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Marcella D 18 October 2009

danceing helps you feel free and imagen the impossible no matter who are dancing

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Juniper March 07 October 2009

I really like this, very clear and enjoyable

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Salu Salu 29 September 2009

Anusha, you did the dance well with its full rhythm and pleasants... while it concludes with the fantastic rhyme FRANCE, it gets its full spirit. thanks for sharing/salu

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Jen Capaldi 26 September 2009

a nice clean lyrical poem. nice job piecing it together and ending with a bit of a twist. great job. keep on writing dear. Jen

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