Poor Unfortunate Souls Poem by arooba hameed

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Rating: 4.5

the children, oh children
what was their fault
was it to be born in a family
with out a father mother or a brother
or was it to be born at all?

poor children, oh children
who is there to help them
their uncle and aunts,
their relatives or friends
or is it, that there's no help at all?

dear children, oh children
my heart cries with pain and sorrow,
it wails for you loses
it aches to find out if poverty has gone sideways
is their anyone who feels their pain at all?

Vipins Puthooran 29 October 2011

Poignant write/ good poem... The unfortunate souls like orphans

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Stefanie Fontker 12 September 2011

Very touching. I can feel the sorrow here, it is piled mountain high.

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Jim Troy 11 September 2011

The children need many champions to not turn away from their cries and you are one of these who brings their voices to light. So very heart felt and full of passion I salute you for putting this out there for all to see and listen to. Very well done. I enjoy your power in its telling Jim Troy

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Romeo Della Valle 11 September 2011

A heart touching write that breathes sadness and pain! In your last stanza you asked if anyone feels their pain and absolutely I can answer that question: you do feel their pain and so us who read your poem and now we are aware of such inhumane situation! Thanks for sharing this sad but powerful write! 10+++ God Bless You! Keep it up! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City! , ...

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Allemagne Roßmann 09 September 2011

very heart-rending...i hope pakistani govt understands this first..

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