R£-Gain Poem by arooba hameed


Rating: 5.0

Like the blue sea, under the gorgeous moon light
i sit on the stonme holding your hand really tight
the water waves move, in the light really bright
i'm trying to put myself together with all my might

it smells so swet with the fragnance of a rose
i would clearly feel thankful, if it filled my nose
but something whwich empties me, because it aint close
is thee thought of you, which in time froze.

i look down, to hold your hand my dear
but, the thing i only see is a stone all wet with my tears...
i sit silent as it is way too clear
i am alone & always have been my dear

it rains cats & dogs.. like nothing will fall again
making me realize that you, i cannot gain
it aches soo bad & sadly i cannot refrain
& i know it is something i cannot regain

Stefanie Fontker 12 September 2011

This is beautiful, and very romantic. Your heart is very big. Very well written and expressed.

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Allemagne Roßmann 30 August 2011

Superb, spanking, serious, sensitive, sensational, sentimental, semantic, syntactic, sinusoidal, scenic, sombrely, sophomore, soprano, serene escapade of a poem with shimmering brilliance

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Shamin Shah 11 August 2011

so good and very touching poem...arooba the rhyming of the words was really awesome...keep up the good work May Allah bless you always

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Alafe Ramat 10 August 2011

Whao! Really touching and felt deeply in the heart, you unravel the expressionless, though it is deep and it seems unexpressionable yet you explain it.bravo!

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