05 The Sea

Rating: 4.1

Oh just look at the sea!
With waves so high, touching the skies,
Splashing on the sands of the shore.
There are childrens and adults everywhere,
All so happy, enjoying the plessure!

Here is a child,
Building a sand castle and,
There is a child,
Flying his kite;
Over the beatiful blue waters of the sea!

Here is a man,
Selling his kite to a fair child and there;
Is an ice-cream woman,
Selling her ice-creamsto the,
Crowd of children surrounding her!

The sun is shining like a new gold coin between the white clouds,
And here I am standing on the sands of the ground,
Licking a melting ice-cream while my,
Brother plays in the spashing waters of the sea with;
My father who is playing with him!

Mamta Agarwal 23 April 2008

what lovely poem. i too love the sea, sand and sun.you have painted a picyure of what all sea lovers feel.

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Cathleen Hodgkinson 22 April 2008

Incredible poem Athul...one of my favorites as I too love the sea...you have a way with words that put someone in your experience. An experience of a happy time! Thank you! Cathy

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Riquetta Elliott 22 April 2008

You fantasize the nature very nicely just like I do (Why My Room Can't Be A Garden) you're accomplishing really good.

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Subbaraman N V 22 April 2008

You enjoy nature very well! That indeed is great!

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NICE WRITE, thanks for sharing

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My dear little Atul, I read your poems. You are really a ray of hope for India poetry.At present u are writing poetry akin to your age and maturity. But with your growing age you must focus on social issues, our country's burning problems etc. That will make you a real poet/great poet. Pl. go through my poems...u will understand me and my advice. It is upto u then. with blessings, sathya narayana

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Rema Prasanna 29 April 2008

Athul, pleasant poem, sea the most powerful theme, keep writing

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Ben Gieske 24 April 2008

A great picture with lots of fun images and happenings.

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Nkululeko Mdudu 24 April 2008

lovely; makes me wanna drown in those words, and shine the sun's light on me!

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Aidin Azarkerdar 24 April 2008

so wonderfull lovely poem...i love it...be care

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