04 Lost (My Favourite)

Rating: 4.4

Darkness suddenly surrounded me
As i found myself lost deep within a forest,
I was surrounded by creatures unknown
Not a clue had i about my whereabouts

Lost in the forbidden forest,
I was scared and ran about,
To strike upon a tiny ray of light,
To get some relief from this horrible plight

Suddenly it began to get really hot
As i opened my eyes to see where I was
I was surprised to find myself awake
In my bedroom, in the middle of the night....

Mamta Agarwal 23 April 2008

nice poem. how many times i too have got lost in my dreams. only to discover with relief i am safe at home.

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Understandably this is your favourite. You've expressed very well an unconscious fear of desertion. In a child it's a normal dream but few people are able to write a so fine poem.

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Subbaraman N V 22 April 2008

A nice dream.......................!

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Mamta Agarwal 22 April 2008

how many times i have got lost in my dreams. what a relief when we fynd it was a dream', nice poem

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Andre Chia 21 April 2008

not bad... r u really 10 years old? haha... if u r... keep it up... better than me when i was 10years old... keep on riting dude!

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Maitri Rath 03 October 2008

Hello Athul, I am so glad to read your poems. Keep it up. Tell sushant to start writing too, he too wrote wonderful pieces of composition.

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Allysyn Bryant 22 May 2008

this is very well done. =) good job.

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Mo Camino 05 May 2008

this is really good. it says really well what i think we've all experienced at some stage hard concept to explain. well done

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Nkululeko Mdudu 24 April 2008

Good one, very familiar situation in a very articulate manner. I must say it is always a sigh of relief to know you are not alone.

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I dont like it. I love it. You explain here something I could never explain... Why do I get lost in my dreams? ... That is how I feel sometimes but waking up also freaks me out... And dont ask me why...

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