A Day Dreamer Poem by Audrey Heller

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Audrey Heller

Audrey Heller

Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida

A Day Dreamer

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Ever since I can remember, I've been
a day dreamer. I'd constantly think
about places I longed to see. It would
lift my spirits, when needed. Alleviate
frustrations welled up, inside of me.
Being a day dreamer, has merits.
Where else, can you see all the
wonders of the world, so vivid in your
mind. Enabling you to be at any place,
at any time. When you day dream, you
can escape into your own little world,
especially, when the going gets rough.
It can be an instant gratification, when
you've had enough. No harm has ever
been done, by being a day dreamer.
It's quite beneficial in many ways. As
far as I can see, I'll probably be a day
dreamer, for the rest of my days!

Pamela Lutwyche 12 October 2008

I think I will be a day dreamer all my life as well. It makes the day go by a little better. Good poem.

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Jahim Blamo 06 April 2021

This is a stupid work

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Amelia Patterson 18 November 2008

WOW! This is the first poem I've read that I can connect to on a personal level.Just like everyone else, my life has had its ups and downs.I only know what my birthplace looks like because of TV.Yet everyday, I dream of seeing the glory and bright lights of Las Vegas for myself.One day, I will.I just have to wait for when my father is just as motivated! Day dreaming is what helps me cope with all of the stresses of everyday life.In poetry, you sure know how to touch a person where it counts!

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Rebecca Navarre 13 April 2021

A beautiful, beautiful poem! .. Definite 5 Stars! ..+++++

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Bernard Snyder 05 April 2021

Great poem. And I thought I was the only dreamer. Lol. Congrats on being chosen 'POD'.

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Heather Wilkins 21 August 2014

one can go where they please be what they want to be with no disturbance. a good write

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as a day dreamer u can have angela julie or become prsident of state or feel as rich man on earth.. all aliviates sufferings...... good thought

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Sebastine Humaemo 15 January 2009

well said and much true.....nothin harm in day dreaming as long it dosn spoils your future........sebastine

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1264 / 847
Audrey Heller

Audrey Heller

Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida
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