Alone In A Crowd Poem by Audrey Heller

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Audrey Heller

Audrey Heller

Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida

Alone In A Crowd

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Sometimes, in a crowded room, you
can still feel alone. So many people
surround you, but you're strictly on
your own. Looking around the room,
not one familiar face, you see. Should
there be any conversation, it's going
to have to come, from me. I would
have thought just the opposite, seeing
a new person appear. But the way it
looks, it's not going to happen here.
People have become much more
reserved, then they used to be. At
one time, they would pin you down
and gab away. Now, I can't even find
one, who has anything, to say. Next
time, I'll not accept invitations, unless
there's somebody there I know. I'll
just have to be polite, give them a
smile and turn them down, by saying

Kim Barney 06 August 2016

Well written, Audrey. Sometimes we really can be alone in a crowd, can't we? Congrats on having it chosen as poem of the day!

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Jasbir Chatterjee 06 August 2016

Nice poem. Congrats on being poet of the day! In such situations, one just has to learn to enjoy being an observer...

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 06 August 2016

How awful it could be, for one to feel lonely amidst a crowd and who is to be blamed, I wonder. Anyway, inspiring write. Congrats on being the PoD.

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Tapan M. Saren 06 August 2016

Awful poem. Nothing can I speak more.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 06 August 2016

Excellent poem. Heartiest congrats for it's selection as poem of the Day.

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Nyavanhu Mapendere 04 February 2018

A perfect script which says it all about loneliness, loneliness can engulf your thoughts even though you are surrounded by so many people who do not matter the most in your life.

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Lyn Paul 06 August 2017

A suited title for your impressive words. Loneliness is a huge issued yet not recognised enough as a problem. Thank You.

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Richard Wlodarski 06 August 2017

Audrey, congratulations on Poem Of The Day! I'm not certain what else needs to be said about this poem. Your peers appear to have said it all. So I'll leave you with this: Not Lonely...Not Alone To be with people Not feel lonely To be with oneself Not feel alone

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Seamus O Brian 06 August 2017

The experience of the subject in finding herself in a roomful of strangers reticent to make contact, with the presumption that this is a reflection of an alteration in social behaviors. Interestingly, the piece itself is very conversational in tone, although with a penchant for a structured rhyme scheme. The poem succeeds in maintaining the routine structure of straightforward poetry, while directly making the somewhat straightforward statement of this perceived alteration in social behavior. I think, good poet, I would love to see you abandon the routine structure of poetry for a deeper exploration of the theme of loneliness hinted at in your title. What is it like to be lonely in a crowd? What does loneliness look like surrounded by humanity? What is the shape, the texture, the taste of loneliness in such a situation? What is the quality, the sensation, the palpable shape of the noises of conversation floating around you, but withheld from you? Not just telling the story, but describing the sensory edges of the story, so that we might not just nod in agreement at a familiar situation, but feel the gripping loneliness of your soul resonating within our own.

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So true.nothing like being the wallflower watching the dip get old.I've gone to parties and felt to break the ice? Speak up.. good poem with a ring of truth..

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1264 / 847
Audrey Heller

Audrey Heller

Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida
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