A Better Life Poem by Audrey Heller

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Audrey Heller

Audrey Heller

Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida

A Better Life

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The more you think about it
life gets harder everyday. You
strive to do the right thing, but
at times, it can go astray. It's
hard keeping up, with all the
things you want to do. Your
intentions are on the right
track, but it can run away with
you. Today we live in a world,
that is materialistic. Everybody,
strives for more. We've forgotten
about the important things in life
and we have to remember, the
why, the where and the for. Let's
get back to the reality, of what
life is supposed to be. Then once
again, we can find our way, for a
better life, for you and me!

Marieta Maglas 04 September 2009

It is an abstract poem that has a very strong message. I think that the poetess wants to send us the idea that the acceptingness of the reality can save us, the illusion can only turn us onto a wrong way, apparently right.Excellent poem...........10+++++++

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 23 October 2009

Materialism is fatalism. Nice poem. Ms. Nivedita Ten++ UK Thanks for comments Cordially invite to read and comment on Enigmatic Navel Lie Sly or other poems. niv

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Bob Gibson 05 October 2008

I think, the credit crunch will avail us all Audrey!

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Fay Slimm 16 October 2008

What sense and wisdom you have written here Audrey. Life is too short not to get it right. Fond wishes from Fay. in Cornwall U.K.

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Amelia Patterson 15 November 2008

Jeez! 838 poems? You're on a roll! Keep it up! You are so right about us forgetting... with all of the new innovations in technology we miss out on things without even realizing it.We are the ones who make our life complicated, which makes it harder to keep up with the younger crowd once we are too old to sit at the computer or text our B.F.F.S.Your poem makes sense.

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Terrance Tracy 26 December 2013

I have read several of your poems I concur with your expressions in the poems I have read. I have copied several of them to pass them on to acquaintances so they could find comfort in their infirmities Terrance Tracy.

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Adeline Foster 29 December 2011

In this poem you have expressed your dissatisfaction with those events in life that we all dislike. Your words are simple yet full of description. A very good job. Read mine – Cicatrix - Adeline

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 03 November 2010

Very good poem. It tells about the reality of modern life in which we have forgotten main objective to serve humanity and serve God. You are extremely truthful in your poem. I liked it.

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Morelis.G Salgado 15 June 2010

i completely agree with you.life does get hard all of the time.everyone trys to do the right thing.sometimes people fall but in the end everything falls right back into place

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Ken E Hall 22 May 2010

Such wise and true words in this lovely poem..things get more expensive each day but sunshine and fresh air is free and its all for me and thee...nice write...regards ++++10

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1264 / 847
Audrey Heller

Audrey Heller

Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida
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