Promise Poem by Aurora Wells


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The night before Christmas
I woke up to voices
Got out of bed and peeped around the stairs
Heard my family, again with bad choices

Father is drunk
Mother is crying
Brother and sisters
All talking about dying

I am only a kid
What do I know
They ruined another season
And killing me in tow

But what was the reason?

I sat on the step
And as I cried
I wiped my tears and
Started to sing “Silent Night”

Looking back now, there were many times like these
Everyone yelling and screaming
Not often did you hear a thank you or please
Such hate and rage in one family unit
I am sorry to say I will be the first to ruin it

I will not do this to my kids
Will not teach them the horrors you did
They will not drink, they will not try
To pop those pills like you nor I

Instead they will grow
Like normal kids do
They will be happy and strive
For the things they wish to

They won’t cry all the time
and say they want to die
They will instead be kids
and not know my little white lie.

Tiffany Wells 24 June 2007

hi i love your poem! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Alison Smith 26 January 2007

Thus is the power to raise above what could so easily have ruined you... To bring the joy of childhood and the love of partner and family into your life is to be much congratulated.... Alison

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Keith Wells 07 January 2007

Well I know you and you have broke the cycle..... Your kids will grow and be happy in the home as long as they have you, You an insperation to us all, we love you! ! ! ! ! ! You are the best.... Love Keith

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Lee Degnan 23 December 2006

Power to ya, sista... and may our beautiful children carry on with their own one day and never know that kind of pain. Much love to you, and have a blessed Christmas... know I think of you and the little ones so much, and I miss you. Lee

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