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Banjo Paterson

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The Man From Snowy River

There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around
That the colt from old Regret had got away,
And had joined the wild bush horses - he was worth a thousand pound,
So all the cracks had gathered to the fray.

"Ave Ceasar"

Long ago the Gladiators,
When the call to combat came,
Marching past the massed spectators,
Hailed the Emp'ror with acclaim!

A Bunch Of Roses

Roses ruddy and roses white,
What are the joys that my heart discloses?
Sitting alone in the fading light
Memories come to me here tonight

A Change Of Menu

Now the new chum loaded his three-nought-three,
It's a small-bore gun, but his hopes were big.
"I am fed to the teeth with old ewe," said he,
"And I might be able to shoot a pig."

A Dog's Mistake

He had drifted in among us as a straw drifts with the tide,
He was just a wand'ring mongrel from the weary world outside;
He was not aristocratic, being mostly ribs and hair,
With a hint of spaniel parents and a touch of native bear.

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Mark Paterson 05 July 2010

How right he was. Too late now. No heed was taken.

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Chuck Norris 09 October 2014

This Guy is a sick lad bruh.

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Panmelys Panmelys 10 February 2015

Amazing discovery I've always wondered who Waltzing Mathilda, I like his work and will read more when time permits. Panmelys 205

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Banjo Paterson 05 April 2018

THIS IS ALL FAKE FAKE p.s hi lol p.p.s jk

17 9 Reply
nick crompton 06 May 2018

you know its nick crompton and my collar stay poppin yes i can rap and no i'm not from compton england is my city and if it weren't for team 10 the us would be i'll pass it to chance cuz you know he stay litty

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Clyde King 05 January 2021

"Ava Caesar" is a poem for our time. Brilliant!

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BRUUUUUUH 29 June 2020


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BRUUUUUUH 29 June 2020

i like bruhing stuff becoz i can

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someone 08 June 2020

i like last week by banjo patterson

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Robin C Wade 13 May 2020

I love the Song of the Federation

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Banjo Paterson was born at the property "Narrambla", near Orange, New South Wales, the eldest son of Andrew Bogle Paterson, a Scottish immigrant from Lanarkshire and Australian-born Rose Isabella Barton, related to the future first Prime Minister of Australia Edmund Barton. Paterson's family lived on the isolated Buckinbah Station in the Monaro unt ...

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