Bill Cantrell Poems

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I have seen the facets of love,
From a child to the breasts of a mother
A dying soldiers last words to his wife,
A year later, she marries another

Neon Poetess

Oh neon poetess,
We take delight,
With every word upon your breath

A Greater Peace

With wings of gold,
I touch the light,
What a joy to feel so high
Yet, gliding above,

Catch Of The Day

Looking for a different poem,
Taking me to new dimensions
I want to leap off the edge of midnight,
Into a dawn of new waters,

Poetic Glitter

Each stanza,
holding hands
Sharing the collective glory,
of the one they encircle

My Embrace With Poetry's Spell

There are times when it seems,
All words have come to their end
Repetition has exhausted them
As they search out a resting place,

Glass Garden

A glass garden the last garden
Every flower well arranged
All are chanting one long dirge
Nothing will ever be the same


Moonlight, You calm the night
As a mother's lullaby
Fireflies, they come alive,
Only you know why

Ocean Of Dreams

Oh you kindred poetess,
Sailing on a dream come true
Though other poets set to sea,
The tides belong to you

Embodiment Of Poetry

The dawn of poetry,
Who can recall its beginnings?
I drink the blue elixir from the sky,
I need no tutor,