Bill Cantrell Poems

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Of Love

Faces change and rearrange,
Seems nothing stays the same
Yet, love endures forevermore
And could never face such shame


I have seen the facets of love,
From a child to the breasts of a mother
A dying soldiers last words to his wife,
A year later, she marries another

The Not So Cold Wind Blows

In the spring, I arrive as a gentle breeze
With the summer, I have my moods
In the autumn, I am stripping naked the trees
With the winter, my heart is an empty room

Neon Poetess

Oh neon poetess,
We take delight,
With every word upon your breath

Tribute To The Greats

Poems will come,
Poems will go,
Some will choose to stay
What an honor it is to me, my friends

Ocean Of Dreams

Oh you kindred poetess,
Sailing on a dream come true
Though other poets set to sea,
The tides belong to you

A Greater Peace

With wings of gold,
I touch the light,
What a joy to feel so high
Yet, gliding above,

A Day Of Days

There is a day
It is unlike all others
The day when my God
makes himself known to his enemies


Moonlight, You calm the night
As a mother's lullaby
Fireflies, they come alive,
Only you know why

Poet Kumarmani Mahakul

I placed my ears to the earth
I heard the weeping of mothers,
Who were preceded in death by their children
Those who died from the cruel hands of their abusers

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