Tribute To The Greats Poem by Bill Cantrell

Tribute To The Greats

Rating: 4.7

Poems will come,
Poems will go,
Some will choose to stay
What an honor it is to me, my friends
to send a few your way
For poetry to me is quite unique
For some it is just words
For others as me, it's much much more
To touch is better than to be heard
So many friends that I have touched,
Have touched me in return
Nothing indecent by any means,
Yet, our passion for expression must be heard
Inspiration anoints our pens,
so what more is there for me to say?
Kindred spirits are more than friends,
It's as if we all were born as twins

Many times I write tribute to my favorite poets, this time I wrote this one for Susan Williams an outstanding writer and great poet
Dr. M. Asim Nehal 18 March 2022

Wonderful tribute to a wonderful poetess, Susan with a pure soul and brilliant mind.

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Kim Barney 17 March 2022

Poetry can indeed touch others. The poetry of Susan Williams has touched me often. You have chosen her well as one to mention.

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Unnikrishnan E S 18 March 2022

Yes! Susan Williams is one of the most talented poets we have on this site. Her poems are uniquely special in their make, phrases, rhyme and the imagery. On my page, you will find many poems dedicated to her.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 18 March 2022

Undoubtedly dear friend, she is not only great poetess but a great person as well.

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Unnikrishnan E S 18 March 2022

I have also attempted translation of a few of her poems into my mother tongue Malayalam. I am immensely grateful to her allowing me to do so

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Susan Williams 29 January 2023

we have travelled many years and miles of poetic verses together and I thank God we met and encouraged each other along the way... bless you, my good friend

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Susan Williams 29 January 2023

oh! ! ! wow! ! ! thank you for such a lovely recommendation! ! !

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Avy 19 March 2022

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Richard Wlodarski 18 March 2022

A wonderful tribute to a very special human being and an exceptional poetess!

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Cowboy Ron Williams 18 March 2022

Susan is indeed worthy of all the praise that has been heaped upon her.

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