A Day Of Days Poem by Bill Cantrell

A Day Of Days

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There is a day
It is unlike all others
The day when my God
makes himself known to his enemies
His people will be ready,
for into his name they have run for shelter
All the wise ones, where are they now?
When the political beast thought they had devoured the holy ones,
they together danced and exchanged gifts
With an evil grin, they gazed at the heavens,
There was no handwriting on its wall!
In their wickedness they blasphemed the almighty

Yet, a people who understood why this day played out in stages,
did not keep silent
It was never a quest for personal salvation,
though it is never the less granted
It was never about filling the heavens,
though a small flock is granted access,
for the sake of refining the meek left over in the earth

There was an issue that required attention
Just as man was granted free will,
the same was granted to those in the spirit realm
Together flesh and spirit rebelled,
thus all eyes turned towards the creator
In his wisdom, he allowed both sides to be presented,
that the consequences of free will being abused,
might serve as an eternal beacon

Many stars fell from the heavens
Black holes devouring truth,
hoping it might not reach the hearts of men,
That they may see and be healed

Yet they noticed a people still standing,
without walls, without disturbance,
a people walking in a light brighter than the sun
They became incensed!
And power was given to the beast,
That it might devour them,
yet, a hook was placed in its jaw,
then they were greatly disturbed when they
witnessed the celestial hand writing on heavens wall

There was a day,
The day in which the heavens and earth were installed
Not a mans day but countless eons
There was a day when Gods sovereignty was challenged,
That day is still in force

Yet, there is a day
It is unlike all others
A day when the issue has played out its course
A day when God becomes all things to all peoples
All tears will gently be wiped from the eyes of those with white robes,
as well as those raised from the dust after them
Pain and sorrow will be nonexistent
A day when the tent of almighty God will reside with his people
And above all,
The day when all reproach is removed from his name

Dr. M. Asim Nehal 18 April 2022

You left me speechless with this poem. I see a ray of hope in your poem when the world is passing through this testing times. We have taken everything for granted, someday our better sense will prevail over evil acts they do. Full ******

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Bill Cantrell 19 April 2022

Thank youDr.Asim Nehal, I'm very happy you liked it

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Rebecca Navarre 14 June 2022

A well written message for all hearts to reflect on! .. Beyond #ing! ..+++++++++++++

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Rebecca Navarre 14 June 2022

Beautifully and powerfully expressed! .. Of great thought, heart and inspiration to read! ..

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Maria Mitea 21 May 2022

Fabulous work, Bill!

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A beautiful and powerful poem of faith. I concur with the wonderful comments of Richard. Very inspiring indeed. To my Poem List.

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Richard Wlodarski 19 April 2022

Bill, in these times, when the world seems to be totally falling apart, we need this type of inspirational poetry. Of the highest class! Thank you, Poet Cantrell.

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Bill Cantrell 14 June 2022

I just noticed the side effects of vocal recognition, When I said what are you barking at, I was speaking to my Chihuahua, I'm glad I caught it, I think I'm gonna start just type it with my finger instead of using vocal recognition, anyway I really do appreciate your words of encouragement my friend

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Bill Cantrell 19 April 2022

Thank you Richard, I put my deepest feelings in this poem, i'm so happy you liked it what are you barking at

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