Bill Darrah

Rookie - 231 Points (November 19,1978 / Amarillo, TX)

Bill Darrah Poems

1. Darwinian Racism 8/20/2009
2. The Paradox Of Independence 8/24/2009
3. Dream In Love 8/24/2009
4. Heartfelt Intelligence 8/24/2009
5. Infection For Perfection Or Affection Of Simplification-What's The Real Signification? 8/24/2009
6. Epiphany Of Tiffany 9/2/2009
7. Brotherly Devotion 8/14/2009
8. Affections For My Sister 8/14/2009
9. Insatiable Aspirations Otherwise Noted 8/20/2009
10. Love's Blissful Introduction 8/20/2009
11. Suicidal Idiocies For Life's Deficiencies 9/27/2009
12. Crisp Watery Puddles 1/22/2010
13. Tulips 3/22/2010
14. The 'Men' In Women 3/22/2010
15. The Necessity Of Peanut Butter And Jelly 3/22/2010
16. Will I ______ Love? 3/22/2010
17. Why The Long Face Of Prolonged Agony? 3/22/2010
18. Youthful Enthusiasm 4/19/2010
19. Creation In Evolution 9/15/2009
20. A Heartfelt Mind Or A Mind-Boggling Heart 11/6/2011
21. Devotional Love Doctrine 1/7/2015
22. Hoping For Coping With Dysfunctional Family 6/23/2015
23. Volcanos: From Horrific Disaster To Beautiful Design 7/16/2015
24. Jesica's Splendid Grandeur 12/9/2015
25. Born To Love Joy, But Dying To Keep It Alive 4/16/2016
26. Life- Controlled Or Uncontrolled 4/16/2016
27. Are Soul Mates Sole Mates? 5/9/2016
28. Bittersweet Savoring Romance 8/10/2016
29. Love Requite 8/25/2016
30. Cracker Barrel Full Of Endless Love! 4/22/2017
31. The Mother's Day She Needs To Know All About 6/11/2017
32. What In Your Right Mind Is The Heart Thinking? 11/6/2011
33. The Extravagant, Memorable Life 9/21/2009
34. Self-Inducing Provocative Thoughtfulness 8/19/2009
35. Clear Thoughts........ 9/15/2009
36. Poetry Of Art Or Art Of Poetry? 8/20/2009
37. Compassion 9/15/2009
38. If Men Loved Women Like God Loves Men 11/6/2011
39. The Love Of Nature Or The Nature Of Love's Vitality 9/2/2010
40. To My Unknown Wife 3/22/2010

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Best Poem of Bill Darrah

Love's Everlasting Endurance

'Let her want with me be in creating my need to express
the love I share-love's intimacy can only adequately give.'

I couldn't even hear my heart beat.
Now I know what I was cheating
Was the part of my being
That was so unbelieving
Of the love that blocked my seeing
The lonely part of my heart she was relieving
Through the smile of every greeting
Like while we were eating
And all the times of unexpected meeting
When we stopped and stared intriguingly
As if we had perfected the incredible feat
That saved the world to retreat
To the love that would ...

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Dream In Love

She gave me part of my dream.
I gave her freedom for her
Emotional state of mind.
She never experienced it before,
And I never had the guts to explore
So freely, casually, and openly
The expression of feeling and emotion
She so graciously accepted with
Just a hint of anxiety and hesitance,

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