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I'm a writer, school in Nigeria. I write with the passion of my ink. I keep smiling bcos d lord is my father.. I DREAM, WRITE AND LIVE with my ink.
# A Poetess, Writer & a SIGNATURE.

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Abaka Blessing Anastasia 07 September 2016

Gratitude Ernest Makuakua

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Ernest Makuakua 27 January 2016

beautiful blessing beautiful poem

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Golden Black (The Symbol Of Originality)

The golden black of unity, that cascade upon my deep stress.
' Who said black is not golden'
'Who said black is not dignity'
'Who said blacks are not determined'
'And who said blacks do not have self objectives'

I pray for my country, I pray for the sick,
I pray for the determined, I pray for those that love, '
I pray for my family, I pray for all.
As i sat upon my golden chair looking at my skin
The golden black of the nation,
Then I remembered the song my mother used to sing to me.
The poem she taught me and the laughter we both shared.

I remember the way she clean my tears
And the way she told me
'Black is golden'
And i asked her why,
she whispered to me
Cos you're golden, d black in you is beautiful, pure and bright.
AND I said to myself;
'If I'm golden, blacks are determined'
'I love my Nation'
'I love beauty'
'And I love my Golden Black'

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09 October 2015

Live is not a race but an Account, Solve or get solved.

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