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The golden black of unity, that cascade upon my deep stress.
' Who said black is not golden'
'Who said black is not dignity'
'Who said blacks are not determined'

A cheerful heart, what happen to it?
Does it break like a glass or does it cut off like a tree,
Does it smell like a rotten egg or does it fall like the snow.

'Follow your dreams because it will lead you to greatness'
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams
Live the life you have imagined
Reach high,

seeking for the answer of magic pen
i was drone in d shadow of icy water
search for my way out
i was lost in the magic world

Words are powerful motivators
We can use them to curse or bless others,
Encourage or discourage,
inspire or belittle

Mother Nature gives each age its own special horror.
Death never comes at the right time,
It always comes like a thief.
All who are born die,


The five letters, one word
yet prescind the love from the beloved
Death keep you empty
and filled you with a vacuum

Anastasia, the heart of the cheerful
Numb by the velvety echoe of the singing bird
Amtsy by the sound, she ran to the mountain
She stuns with the spasm of love

Under your domain to thy i cried for safety.
U hold me caption with your powerful passion of dark love.
I felt lonely, though you stood beside me.
I gave you my heart, you isolate it from your heart

What indeed can an emperor wins?
Lands, horses, wealth, pride?
To be an emperor, a great emperor
It takes thou to kill.

He is the music lords,
And valley of rhymes.
A Bibliophile, and the dreamers of dreams
Under his care are embellish of caucus.

Warriors wake up!
It's time for the battle.
Refill your ink, clear the desk
Dusk your notebooks and textbook.

Life is Perpetual, even after death.
On the voyage to my castle,
An idyllic thrive strive through my mind strength.
A tale of life after death battle

Traveling to the land of the titanic,
Dreamt of love of the fairy,
That cascade upon my icy of eve.
Loving but not living,

Days are for Cinderellas,
Weeks for lovers,
Months are for brides,
Years are for Achievers,


Mouth to mouth resuscitation
Time taking, NO reboot.
Revivify one's heart, not forsaken.
Make the owner resurgent.


The sky is the poet page,
We are the poem.
The attribute of rhymes,
Combined into rhythm,

I have a pen and i called it my Success,
A watch and i called it my predictor.
I have a pair of glasses and i called it my vision,
An aircraft and i called it my Destination

Forever i want to dwell in the presence of kingship.
Feeling as a queen in every arena i worship.
Oh! How wonderful it is to be knoweth and be serve by others.
Washing my feet, hair comb and bath by maids.

What usefulness is life, if there is no hope?
What usefulness is love, if there are is no passion?
What usefulness is your eyes,
if there are made the fools to your other senses?

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I'm a writer, school in Nigeria. I write with the passion of my ink. I keep smiling bcos d lord is my father.. I DREAM, WRITE AND LIVE with my ink. # A Poetess, Writer & a SIGNATURE.)

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Golden Black (The Symbol Of Originality)

The golden black of unity, that cascade upon my deep stress.
' Who said black is not golden'
'Who said black is not dignity'
'Who said blacks are not determined'
'And who said blacks do not have self objectives'

I pray for my country, I pray for the sick,
I pray for the determined, I pray for those that love, '
I pray for my family, I pray for all.
As i sat upon my golden chair looking at my skin
The golden black of the nation,
Then I remembered the song my mother used to sing to me.
The poem she taught me and the laughter we both shared.

I remember the way she clean my tears
And the way she told me
'Black is golden'
And i asked her why,
she whispered to me
Cos you're golden, d black in you is beautiful, pure and bright.
AND I said to myself;
'If I'm golden, blacks are determined'
'I love my Nation'
'I love beauty'
'And I love my Golden Black'

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Abaka Blessing Anastasia 07 September 2016

Gratitude Ernest Makuakua

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Ernest Makuakua 27 January 2016

beautiful blessing beautiful poem

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