Bonnie Harding

Bonnie Harding Poems

1. I Wonder 11/9/2009
2. Thirty Years 11/22/2009
3. Don'T Think Of Me.... 11/22/2009
4. Life 12/5/2009
5. You Must Have Needed An Angel 7/2/2010
6. Jimbo's Song 7/2/2010
7. Because I Love You 7/2/2010
8. Dear Jim 12/1/2009
9. The Gift 9/14/2007
10. White Roses 2/2/2008
11. Only Your Love Can Heal Me 12/1/2009
12. Echos Of Life 11/16/2007
13. Gavin 8/11/2007
14. Damn I'M Lucky 10/12/2007
15. My Will 8/11/2007
16. Tomorrow 7/15/2007
17. Daddy 8/11/2007
18. Writing 7/22/2007
19. Nature 7/15/2007
20. Rest In Peace 7/25/2007
21. A Child Not Forgotten 9/14/2007
Best Poem of Bonnie Harding

A Child Not Forgotten

A child as a mother
You know in your heart
Not likely they'll make it
One's damned from the start

A child born too early
and there's not a sound
You pray for a miracle
then slowly break down

A child with no name
and future so bleak
not here to hold on to
was to tiny and weak

A child not forgotten
tho you need to say bye
to the one that you lost
but still makes your heart cry

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A funny thing about the freedom of speech
For some people it's far out of reach
I open my mouth with words I need to say
But they just don't come out the right way

To say the words and explain how I feel
Is not as easy for me, nor as real
When people talk they don't seem to think
Words have more meaning, written in ink

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