My Will Poem by Bonnie Harding

My Will

Rating: 3.9

I don't have anything of value to leave you
no money or home as I'm sure you see
I never cared much for material things
Just wanted you to be raised better then me
I could have been a better mom I'm sure
but you didn't come with an instruction book
I wanted you and loved you and tried to raise
you right and was hoping thats all it took
You should have had a home of your own
with childhood memories to brighten your day
Instead you moved from town to town
I know I did things the wrong way
I can't change yesterday or go back in time
and I'm not sure if I would
Because I love you both the way you are
and wouldn't change you if I could
So I'm sorry I have no diamonds or gold
But know that this is true.....
To the world I leave my most precious Gems
And they are the two of you...
(Aug 07)

Stephanie Engle 11 August 2007

Wow, very nicely written... This is a gorgous poem... I hope your kids understand what your trying to say...

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Unwritten Soul 09 July 2010

Oh it really grab my heart from falling...That is so sincere and original...How lucky your children to have nice family and be loved, i met some pots here had a family crisis and look suffering so much with unstable life, hope they will taste the same sweetness when read this...The sincerity always make a best value outcomes! and u prove it friend...

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Brian Mills 12 November 2007

i know that ive already left a comment here.....but i just wanted you to know that ive wrote down the last couple senteces of your poem and put it on my desk to read everyday! ! ! its a constant reminder to me whats TRUELY important in life.....and you summed it up the best in your write! ! ! so i thank you from the bottom of my heart! ! ! ! Brian~

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Ivor Hogg 17 September 2007

giving your children love care and a sense of values outweighs material things Bonnie My three are scattered far and wide but we keep in touch by letter e mail and an occasional visit.They are all succesful and well provided for.Three reasons to be proud Beinga Mom is perhaps the most important task in the world.Being a Dad is not far behind

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Diane Violet 19 August 2007

Bonnie have to agree with Doc, a wonderful tribute to your children...being a mom of two precious gems also and a few moves under our's not where we are or the material things but the times shared and the love given and received. Diane

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Brian Mills 13 August 2007

very nicely the ending....and when life is boiled down to its most simplest of forms.....its really not what you DO in life.....its what you leave behind....and leaving two beautiful children behind in the world truly is the most precious gem you can leave........very nice write! ! enjoyed it very much! ! ! Brian

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