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A child as a mother
You know in your heart
Not likely they'll make it
One's damned from the start

I miss you so much since you passed away
There's a place in my heart you'll always stay
My pain and sorrow is why I weep
I know your resting in peaceful sleep

Close your eyes and you can see
the way the world's suppose to be
Sunrise on a clear blue sky
fields of daisies, soft butterflies

A funny thing about the freedom of speech
For some people it's far out of reach
I open my mouth with words I need to say
But they just don't come out the right way


He sitting there, he's all alone
without a mate to call his own
He had a wife many years ago
she left him full of pain and sorrow

I don't have anything of value to leave you
no money or home as I'm sure you see
I never cared much for material things
Just wanted you to be raised better then me

Tomorrow I'll be Wanted
Tomorrow I'll be Cared for
Tomorrow I'll be Needed
Tomorrow I'll be Adored

The cloud over my head got no silver lining
Three leaf clovers is all I'm finding
The leprechaun I caught ain't got no gold
And my rabbits foot is too damn old

You may not give me a fancy home
an expensive car or a trip to Rome
I may never get a big diamond ring
believe me babe, that don't mean a thing


Eyes that shine with childish wonder
A smile that brightens your day
Small tiny hands that touch and ponder
and little ears that hear all you say

Echo's of childhood, memories unfold
of simple pleasures and dreams untold
carefree and loving; years intertwined
echo's so sweetly in my mind

I think something died deep inside of me,
and I'm not sure what the hell I should do.
Confusing emotions cloud my thoughts
knowing I lost a special part of you.

I love the way you look at me, even after all these years.
The way you can still give me chills, nibbling on my ears.
I love the way you watch over me, making sure I'm always safe.
How strong your arms feel, when I'm in their embrace.

Some people listen but never hear
and look in your eyes but see no tears
they ask you questions but don't really care
and hold your hand with no comfort there

The path is lined with roses
They're pure white like cleasing snow
The beauty pulls me forward
And I know it's time to go

I wonder what you'd do, , , if you were me,
Wouldn't you think I just wanted to be free?
Could you kiss me goodbye as I went on my way,
Knowing who I'd be seeing each and every day?

For thirty years we've been side by side,
and always let our hearts be our guide.
The years flew by, full of laughter and tears,
But together we made it through another year.

Don't think of me with sorrow,
know that I am always here.
I still live through all of you,
in the memories that we share.


Life is full of ups and downs
marriage, divorce, all year through.
sad day, happy day, smile, frown
birth, death and you mark one year down

You must have needed an angel, so you took mine away
yeah, you took the only reason I made it through each day
And now I'm so empty, I feel so all alone
I'm a shell of a man because my baby's gone

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A Child Not Forgotten

A child as a mother
You know in your heart
Not likely they'll make it
One's damned from the start

A child born too early
and there's not a sound
You pray for a miracle
then slowly break down

A child with no name
and future so bleak
not here to hold on to
was to tiny and weak

A child not forgotten
tho you need to say bye
to the one that you lost
but still makes your heart cry

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Jan Jack 18 October 2007

Lovely! And so true. Your poems are very touching Bonnie.

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