Daddy Poem by Bonnie Harding


Rating: 3.5

He sitting there, he's all alone
without a mate to call his own
He had a wife many years ago
she left him full of pain and sorrow
He did his best to live his life
raised six kids without a wife
Giving up was not his style
his kids were worth the extra mile
He made mistakes along the way
some he'll regret till his dying day
But all in all he did his best
whats done is done so forget the rest
As time went on they grew apart
and one by one broke his heart
They all went their separate ways
and now they watch their children play
All he asks is keep in touch
a call, a letter is that too much?
No dad its not and I must say
we all love you in our own way
That is why I wrote this letter
in hopes that it makes you feel better
To know that you are truly loved
By your kid and grandkids and God above (May 91) (rest in peace daddy)

Stephanie Engle 11 August 2007

This very well written also.... A very touching piece... I am glad that you had shared that! ! !

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Poison 9901 11 August 2007

This is a very touching piece. So heart felt, but I get the feeling that he may have never got the chance to read just how much you cared. (I hope I'm wrong) Because this is truly a fathers greatest achievement, To recieve such a special piece written for him. Again very nice. 'Keep on inkin the Pages' Poison

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Unwritten Soul 09 July 2010

What a beautiful rainbow u shared! Clearly, deeply u write a purified meaning of love to your father. It is such a great thing to chase his solitude shadow, break the silent of sorrow when u admit that u all love your father...This love never be ending, it will remain in this poem forever...

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James B. Earley 07 April 2008

Treasure the memory my friend! A poignant tribute indeed. Please read my poem 'Is Not Perception...Reality.' Thanks for sharing, and keep writing.

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Apple Shepherd 27 September 2007

...a wonderful man - you must be proud to call him your father

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Ivor Hogg 17 September 2007

you cut close to the bone wit this one Bonnie My dad lost his partner to cancer and raised six of us on his own.. HE died at ninety eight and shortly before he died told the vicar he had been widowed twice as long as he was married and all he wanted was to see his Nell. He was respected and loved by his children and adored by his greandchildren and great grandchildren and gret great grandchildren Thankyou for the memories

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James Milks 30 August 2007

loved it, brought tears to my eyes very very nicely done

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