A Child Not Forgotten Poem by Bonnie Harding

A Child Not Forgotten

Rating: 4.4

A child as a mother
You know in your heart
Not likely they'll make it
One's damned from the start

A child born too early
and there's not a sound
You pray for a miracle
then slowly break down

A child with no name
and future so bleak
not here to hold on to
was to tiny and weak

A child not forgotten
tho you need to say bye
to the one that you lost
but still makes your heart cry

Friday, September 14, 2007
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September 27 1975
Ivor Hogg 17 September 2007

this brought to mind memories of still born infants ansspontaneous abortions I came across as a social worker.The perfect child who was not destined to be but still very real to the mother ivor

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Poison 9901 27 September 2007

Very sad indeed, and to often too real. This happens every day somewhere and I really dont think there is any good way to say good bye. Just to remember, what might have been. Very sad and nice piece 'Keep on inking the Pages' Poison

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Unwritten Soul 09 July 2010

Nothing can compare the mother's love...Your motherhood bright upon ur face... U never forgotten the child and i believe so do the child... For your motherhood i respect all love u pour onto a child without preferences and kindness...May God send a bright heart for u and your child

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Allan O 02 December 2009

Most times a well written poem makes me smile...this one though makes me cry...you have opened old wounds and brought out memories of long ago for me...we had a boy that was full term..who died of menangidis..spell it wrong but you get it...he was 2 1/2...his younger brother was born ten weeks early and as you said..so tiny and weak....he was in the hospital for three months....he is now in his second enlistment in the us air force...now explain gods will in this...i never could...i never will...beautifully written Bonnie...thank you for allowing me to step back in time...if only for a moment of sorrow and yet happiness.... ~^..^

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Ivor Hogg 02 December 2009

A tribute to a child born too weak to live. But a real person to the mother who carried it to term.

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Duncan Wyllie 06 December 2007

Brilliant title, styling, content, and approach, yes I think that you haved poured your energy into this one, ...very sad all the same, but as you so respectfully quote... { A Child Not Forgotten } Take care Love duncan X

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Beautifuly penned, though a very sad write...Although I've never had a baby, I can imagine the pain of every parent who's lost their child...

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