Because I Love You Poem by Bonnie Harding

Because I Love You

Rating: 4.5

You may not give me a fancy home
an expensive car or a trip to Rome
I may never get a big diamond ring
believe me babe, that don't mean a thing

There's people who have money to burn
I feel sorry for them, cus they'll never learn
How simple words like 'I love you honey'
can be worth more than all their money

The love you show me you can't buy
and my love for you will never die
your my best friend, you take care of me
that's why I'm rich, , , , don't you see

I can live without diamonds and gold
as long as your love never grows cold
we are as rich as we can ever be
because I love you and you love me!

Bonnie Harding

Jazib Kamalvi 05 February 2018

A nice poetic imagination, Bonnie. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thank you

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Hanh McKay 03 July 2010

Very enchanting and lovely piece of writing. It touched my heart. Loved reading it!

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Unwritten Soul 02 July 2010

woooow! ! ! ! so sincere poem, i found this as a true love inspired poem.well done it very touching and i like it so much... yes love can't buy with money and wealth..because love is wealthier than those thing...I wish u to have a forever love everlasting with your soulmate.... i love this happy ending!

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