Damn I'M Lucky Poem by Bonnie Harding

Damn I'M Lucky

Rating: 3.8

The cloud over my head got no silver lining
Three leaf clovers is all I'm finding
The leprechaun I caught ain't got no gold
And my rabbits foot is too damn old
Got a horseshoe hanging above my bed
Had to go to the doc's when it fell on my head
Found me a frog and gave it a big kiss
Warts on my lips is what I got for this
Heads up pennies in my shoes
Bruised my toes and turned them blue
I bought me a bracelet full of lucky charms
The very next day I broke my arm
Damn I'm lucky because this ain't true
You know you wish you were lucky too..

Unwritten Soul 20 August 2011

Damn i'm luck reading this :) _Unwritten SOul

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Allan O 06 December 2009

nicely written and well phrased, You have a talent in your writing Bonnie. I won't laugh though at this one for i now understand...tis not a clown that wishes to laugh, But simply those who can't see past the mask.....hugs..Allan ~^..^

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Brian Mills 12 November 2007

lol lol......this had me rollin! ! ! thnx for the laugh! ! ! ! love the way you write! ! ! Brian~

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