Nature Poem by Bonnie Harding


Rating: 4.0

Close your eyes and you can see
the way the world's suppose to be
Sunrise on a clear blue sky
fields of daisies, soft butterflies

Tall trees, leaves glistening with dew
streams and rivers flowing thru
Birds singing and flying high
gentle breezes with cloudless skies

Snow caps on the mountain tops
valleys of green that never stop
Ocean waves and pure white sand
animals grazing on the land

Feel the wind in your hair
smell the flowers, blooms everywhere
See the beauty, today is new
Enjoy nature-God's gift to you

Agnes Török 02 August 2007

Absolutely beautiful You seem to be filled to the brink with creativity and your words seem so clear and so inspiring to me. For those who could not see it before, you truly put the miracle and beauty of nature in the right light. Your creativity and way with words simply shine upon it. You have a great talent. All my best /Agnes

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Ivor Hogg 18 July 2007

You must make time to stand and stare The world is full of wonders

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Ernestine Northover 19 July 2007

I love poems about nature. This one is excellent. A pleasure to read. Love Ernestine XXX

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David Harris 25 July 2007

Bonnie, wow, did I love this piece, the imagery really drew me in. The lines just melted into each other. Beautiful. Top marks from me and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Dee Daffodil 30 July 2007

Lovely poem sums it all up for me...I absolutely love nature! Hugs, dee

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Hina rohit 06 September 2022

What does the poem means

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Chrisann Lowe 02 August 2022

Hello! Your beautiful poem is inspiring. May I set it to music?

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Chrisann Lowe 02 August 2022

Very sincerely

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Chrisann Lowe 02 August 2022

Exactly right, what I was looking for. Your beautiful poem has inspired me to set the words to music. May I ask your permission?

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Malcolm Bradshaw 10 August 2007

A poem full of the wonders of nature, well written Bonnie. Malcolm Bradshaw

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