Boris Amar Poems

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Dream House

I wanted for us to have a house,
atop a hill on a mountain side.
I wanted the river, running untamed in its roaring majesty,
a splendid cascade of liquid ramifications.

Of Light And Sound

I want to be an architect of horizons.
To follow the course through which a shadow unfurls.
All of these entities of antithetic quality


None of what we sense
or read, here and now,
will be for long.
Certain as light this moment has mutated into a shadow.

The Hunter's Delight

The Hunter's Delight
Spread your threadbare wings, fearless child!
Don't be shy about the things you want.
The oceans, all in one,

Mirror Of Selves

I am in constant search
of the one
I am,
and this is how

Sysiphus' Curse

All spilled.
A decapitated wall,
like a manifest
full of emaciated spaces,

Forbidden Fruit

Liquid flame, undaunted in its flow,
I'll extinguish the mesmeric ethereal bodies
disseminated across the flawless nocturnal sky..
I savor the mineral taste

I Grow Tired...

I grow tired...
I grow tired of this skin,
under which a powerful movement is crawling.
I turn to those in need but theirs is a vicious cycle.

Lonesome Rider

The mountaintop, to start off,
and then, perhaps, a step above the heavens.
I am a lonesome rider on this thoroughfare.
I seek no fortune, nor lesson, nor adventure.