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Kisses For You...

I once heard these words in a song;
'You must remember this...a kiss is
just a kiss...a sigh is just a sigh, ' etc.

I Respect...

I respect, another mans religion, or color or creed.
I respect, and follow, the will of my maker.
I respect, the truth, no matter how unpopular.

Like No Other...Mother


Mother, who gave us her heart...her very soul.
Mother, who's understanding never wavered.

Everything Is Nothing

I wish of that of use to be, and yearn of
the time that's long gone by; for in the twilight
of my life, all seems finally clear, for the nearer
death...the clearer life. Now surrounded by

005-Who Do You Trust?

Who do you trust enough to reveal your most secret thoughts?

Who do you trust enough to admit the worst thing about you?

(brief renderings) Joe Fazio Comments

Love Poet 10 May 2014

i love this poem it's full of passionate words and it's beautiful

5 1 Reply
Cassie Smith 08 November 2012

I love his poems. They are very meaningful and thoughful. And agian i just love them so much. They are very well written.

15 12 Reply
Lashawn Lovell 15 February 2010

your poems are very well written.

20 12 Reply