Broken heart emo Poems

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A Girl's Love

My heart beats faster when Im with you
My mind is always on you
You are the only thing i think about
Im always caught up with your smile then to listen to you

Broken Heart

You were the best thing in my life!
I never thought i could be so lucky to have you
You were the first to make me smile
And laugh so hard....

Emo Kid

I sit in the dark corner all day long
Just writing my life's song
Why am i always so confused?
Why does everything wrong happen to me?

Break Up

We've tried so hard to understand, but we can't.
There is nothing else left in our hand!
We werent meant to be
I tried my hard to be together


So this is it….
I finally found out the truth
Never expected it from you! ! !
I thought you were my friend….


A bestfriend is whom you can share all your secrets
And tell them all your regrets
A bestfriend is always there to give you a hand
And plant beautiful flowers in your land

Being A Kid

Being a kid was the best part
Childhood is the best part of a person's life
When it rained,
Just run outside and jump around everywhere,

I Love You Soo....

I wait day and night
Trying to seek the light

Im sitting in the dark

Fading Away

i am fading in the dark
the darkness is evolving in my soul
The pain is rushing through ny veins
No one there to pick me up when i fall

Silent Tears

I sit in the corner crying all alone
Wishing you would come back soon
My life is nothing without you
I wanna tell you how much I love you

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