Betrayal Poem by Broken heart emo


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So this is it….
I finally found out the truth
Never expected it from you! ! !
I thought you were my friend….
But you weren’t….
You were just using me just like you used all the other people…
For your own selfish reasons…
I always thought those people who left your friendship were wrong! !
But no, what I thought was wrong! !
I’m never gonna forgive you…
Nor will others! !
Because you are a person of betrayal…
No one can ever trust you…
You betrayed once… so you can betray again…
One day everyone will find the truth…
And you will be all alone…
Begging for forgiveness…
Then you will realize your behavior! !
N regret
All you have done…
And come apologizing back…
But I know you
You are as stubborn as ever…
And you will never do that…
Because there is one thing you are good at
That is

Kyle Youngblood 09 July 2011

Well written! But when someone betrays me I always get revenge...using martial arts! Lol no thats for self-defense, but sometimes a small little jabs punch doesn't hurt...that 10/10!

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H - K 05 October 2011

I can so relate to this... great poem and written greatly.

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Aqeb Benazir 22 August 2011

this would make a good song! i agree with everyone down below!

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Eyan Desir 17 September 2009

Good write................10s

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ugghhh! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ...this poem is so true! I couldn't help but think of a couple of 'betrayers' that I've come across in my life. But back to your poem. It Is very well written and I can easily see all of rhe emotion that's behind it. Good Work. Izzey Strange

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Fanche Rhodesse 14 August 2020

A good poem about letting your emotions roll out. Well written.

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Lerato 02 October 2018

I like the poem and l have written it to someone who did the same to me

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Kieren Adams 07 May 2015

very well written. the emotions just come pouring across!

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Amitava Sur 19 July 2014

Uuuh! ! Very sad and painful. Your expression was very clear and well understood, my sympathy.

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Robin Bennett 20 July 2012

I did have to see what the writer on the top of the list was writing about. I'm sorry this sounds like a page from an angry teenagers diary. The typos from #1 on the list? This poem may appeal to the tween set. You seemed to say the same things over and over just in a different way. The is no depth to this at all. It was all over the place. I can't lie and add some fluffy comment, that is doing you no justice. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings. If you have everyone saying this is awesome all the time and not pointing out the truth you will never grow as a poet. We all want that every day. I've taken my fair share of lumps.

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