I Love You Soo.... Poem by Broken heart emo

I Love You Soo....

Rating: 3.4

I wait day and night
Trying to seek the light

Im sitting in the dark
Trying my hard to leave a mark

Maybe one day you will know
My heart is saying I Love you so.....

Marieta Maglas 29 June 2009

nice poem..well written .10+

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Afzal Shauq 30 June 2009

love at the unlimited extreme from broken heart is really a good dilemma and what you expressed in this poem is emotional but seem to be omitted for the core of your innocent heart...well done and liked these lines..... Maybe one day you will know My heart is saying I Love you so.....

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Krystal Vincent 05 July 2009

i understand this feeling very well. u shouldnt wait for this person to come around because it will only bring heartache an u shouldnt have to wait if he loved u he would already be there and be with u by now.thats my advice. it will hurt to let go but it could be better for u both. after the pain is over u wont feel as miserable anymore ok. lots of love ur friend lol. im only saying this cuz i want u to be happy and enjoy life ok lol. so smile. breath a fresh breath of air and look around u.

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Ishita Mehta 07 July 2009

beautiful poem..................very well composed n ur feelings r so pure...........

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Mary Joy Lumanog 18 July 2009

waiting in vain for the love...that you wan't to express...it's a really hard to wait for someone..that you dont know if your love worth to love be love back...i know the feeling of it...i remember those days..

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Emo Boy mike 06 April 2012

I love this poem it reminds me of the past where love ment a lot to me: .(

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Ashwin Alex 06 June 2011

simple words for some heavy feelings! definitely leaves a mark!

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Chidiebere Franklin 22 July 2010

this is a great poem i mst tell u.small but bigger than an elephant.i can really relate to this huh.kudos and pls mor of this

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Iron Panda 23™ 17 May 2010

thats sweet! ! this i likes it! ! !

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Emma Adamyan 23 September 2009

LOVEly pieace! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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