Being A Kid Poem by Broken heart emo

Being A Kid

Rating: 3.5

Being a kid was the best part
Childhood is the best part of a person's life
When it rained,
Just run outside and jump around everywhere,
playing in the mud...getting dirty
When your hungry,
Just scream...and mom is always there to give you,
What ever you want
Doing silly things all day long...
Without any worry
No nothing
Just you and all the fun in the world
Yeah, Being a kid rocks
Whenever these memories pass by me....
there is always a smile on my face
Everyone wishes to be a kid every once in a while
I even wish now that
I could be a kid again....

Zeinab Sherif 01 August 2009

u know,2 days ago i was thinking that i want 2 return a kid again playing making noise having fun not worried about anything & watch the cartoons tom&jerry, batman, the cat in the hat & i'm so happy 2 find someone is sharing my feeling.10+++

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Surya . 03 August 2009

wonderful poem.the first para 'Being a kid was the best part Childhood is the best part of a person's life' itself is a hit. voted10 surya

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Konstantin Filipov 15 July 2010

indeed being a kid rocks, love the optimism in the poem

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Robin D'Souza 08 April 2011

You're poem makes me both happy and sad. I like poems that hold two sides. Well written.

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Lenore Lee 28 November 2011

Interesting poem. I actually don't understand why so many adults wish to be children again... there are many hardships in a child's life that adults forget.

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Amitava Sur 09 April 2014

A very nostalgic one, reminds me of my golden days as a child.... gives a lovely feeling

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Ramesh Rai 09 April 2012

Really childhood is the best phase of life. i have also composed one poem on childhood. i shall post it shortly.

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Madeleine Noelle 02 April 2012

Yeah, but when I yelled at mom, mom yelled back....that system doesn't work well in my house :)

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Louise Crielly 18 March 2012

wow i really loved that

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Mendocino*poem-girl Martin 24 January 2012


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