Circadian Verse

Circadian Verse Poems

1. Glasses At The Pub Bar 10/5/2013
2. Just Wondering 10/5/2013
3. One-Summered Flowers 10/5/2013
4. Plastic Flowers 10/5/2013
5. When Id Written You Eternity 10/5/2013
6. In This World Of Lost Sunshine 10/5/2013
7. No You Wont 10/5/2013
8. Office Busied 10/5/2013
9. Ive Written You Into Sunshine 10/5/2013
10. Locked In Wanting To Be You 10/5/2013
11. Eyes From Lost Times 10/5/2013
12. Looking Out The Window 10/5/2013
13. It Is Now All I Have 10/5/2013
14. Your Smile Is Crying 10/4/2013
15. Hidden In Our Time 12/14/2013
16. I Am Happy Just Watching 10/4/2013
17. In An Ocean Once Crowded 10/4/2013
18. Into Something You 10/4/2013
19. Faraway Ghosts 10/5/2013
20. For Just One Moment 10/5/2013
Best Poem of Circadian Verse

For Just One Moment

Those moments; moments of high; floating
Wondering where you will land; but always softly, warm
A big cuddly coat on a hard winter's day
And I thought you would always be with me
Now I am cold by your distance
Now I live my life in dead winter
And no warmth can be brought to me

And then I think of your touch, and I see you
And we are back once again, and I glow
Memories apart
And I speak to the wind and ask of you
And want to hear of first times
For I see them daily
Lost air I cannot hold...
And I think of you, and I am warm
For Just One Moment

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Faraway Ghosts

But the chances have been there
The world in what you believe is plastic
It doesn't ching and ring when you flick it with your finger
It's just a hollow sound of faraway ghosts you believe to be real, near

A world you find yourself in
Lost in its short life of usefulness and practicality
A world shallow to be punched through
By persons who look for length

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