Love God Poem by Colleen Courtney

Love God

Rating: 4.8

The cherub of love
Drawing back on his bow
And letting fly his
Poisoned arrowed darts
Into the hearts of his
Unsuspecting victims.

If love is so grand, so epic
And so wonderful...
Why does everything about it
Insinuate pain and hurt?

An arrow to the heart
A breaking heart
A heart split in two...

Cherub of love
Point your bow away from me
Save your
Darted arrows of poison
For others
I want my heart
To remain whole.

Cherub of love
Fly fast and heavenly away.

Matthias Pantaleon 07 May 2014

Love is beautiful. Its perfect. The pain we feel when in love is as a result of our greed or selfish interest or the thoughtlessness of our partner

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Mazhari David 14 May 2014

Eros, cherub of love, save your poisonous arrows for... me! I want my heart to be torn to pieces... Inspiring as usual...* *

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Paul Sebastian 15 May 2014

Beautifully written! Somewhere you could, perhaps add: Eros.... Cherub of love Strain not your bow on me My chosen path is to be free Away from being a broken heart Suffering pain from poison dart Rather, give my heart to one in need For God counts all my good deeds! Paul Sebastian

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Daniel Brick 16 May 2014

Is your image of Eros blind or at least blindfolded? Because that significantly diminishes his responsibility for the problems which result. But I don't think your Eros has that blindness as an excuse. He may shoots arrows randomly, or perhaps he's a little cynic, like Shakespeare's Puck - OH, WHAT FOOLS THESE MORTALS BE! Well, if we are fools, don't make it worse for us with poisoned arrows! I'm not being facetious here. These issues all relate to the risk we take when we make us ourselves vulnerable to love. Is it worth the risk? Are the consequences too great? I'd tentatively say YES to both. You can see I'm conflicted with no clear policy. When you tell Eros to go HEAVENLY AWAY in the last line I sense you're conflicted about exiling him. I like your poem because it made confront my confusion. I'd make an easy target for Cupid or Puck or Kama (Hindu god of love) .I

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Oh, thank you! I was opening this anticipating a whole other idea. Personally, I think love is the most devious lie ever. When we are finally free from it all men will be fathers, all women mother, all humanity family. Not some utopian delusion, but sacred realization (sorts back to that whole mirror thing) . This is a bank of a river kinda poem, it's not going somewhere, it's guiding towards something ahead.

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Roseann Shawiak 08 August 2015

To love someone means to risk our hearts being hurt, yet we go ahead anyway, not thinking of the pain that may happen, just letting ourselves fall into it's sweet and devastating trap. At times not wanting to even think or try to love anyone. Protecting our sensitive hearts from the bittersweet darts of poison. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Oduro Bright Amoh 20 April 2015

Great piece of poetry keep it up

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Mohammad Skati 20 August 2014

It's a lovely poem by a great poetess. I loved all of it in truth. Well-done.

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Great piece lovely flow

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* Sunprincess * 08 July 2014

........beautiful only advice is be careful and give your heart away....only after someone gives you their heart first....and after exchanging hearts be very careful....cause now you do not have your heart, but another's which is even more special and very fragile...

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