Wind Poem by Colleen Courtney


Rating: 4.1

As the wind howls outside
It knocks at the windowpanes
It whistles through the doors
But yet silently
I hear it whisper your name.

Over and over
Again and again
Your name
Drifts through my air
Envelops my space
It encompasses my world
And quietly shatters my soul.

How I used to love
These wind tossed nights
As we lay side by side.

The wind now
Is like liquid poison
It seeps through my veins
Insidious to my being.

How I despise the wind.

Chuy Amante 18 March 2014

The calm always comes after the wind. I hope it has found you, perfect one

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Jay Hall 31 March 2014

Wonderful piece. Thank you for sharing.

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Always loved poems about the wind... and this one is a truly great write.: D

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Hannah Kelly 02 May 2014

I love the association in this poem!

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Erika Wingo 02 May 2014

An amazing write. It really permeates and swallows you up into the melancholy abyss of emotion at is core.

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Ken E Hall 24 July 2014

love is in the air whistling in the wind and storms of emotion turned the tide of is so fickle at times for so many reasons...lovely write indeed

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Your name Drifts through my air.... nice one....10 makes as if whistle blow touch my ears and go whisper slowly the name which i like most and claim

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A gentle wind turning into a gale when it carries memories of anguish.................nicely composed..............

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Akhtar Jawad 15 June 2014

Memories are always associated with various beauties and comforts of nature. Wind is a nice example and an impressive poem as well.

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Captain Cur 08 June 2014

Toss in the turbulence of the wind but rest in the tranquilly of the breeze. Good write, articulating loss in a powerful message.

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Colleen Courtney

Colleen Courtney

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