Dream Within A Dream Poem by Colleen Courtney

Dream Within A Dream

Rating: 4.3

I opened the door in answer to a knock
And seeing who stood there
Gave me quite a shock
For there stood a fairy
Looking sad and forlorn
Her appearance was dirty
Disheveled and worn
Her shoes were all dusty
Her hair a tangled mess
She had knots in her ribbons
And rips in her dress
Her face was brown smudged
Her lips cracked and dry
Her wings were so tattered
She no doubt could not fly.

I welcomed her in
And we sat down for tea
This bedraggled little sprite
And still in shock me
I asked her to tell me
The tale of her plight
She looked at me sadly
Tears made her eyes bright
As she told me a story
Of swords, lords and knights.

Her beloved handsome Prince
Whom she loved with all breath
Had been wounded lay bleeding
So very near death
Hunched over his body
While shouting to the skies
He grasped her hand tightly
Gazed into her eyes
He managed to whisper
With last dying breath
Please go on without me
In life find the best.

As she finished her story
I awoke with a start
To a knock on my door
And I felt my heart stop
I snuck to the window
And gave out a peek
On the porch stood a unicorn
With an ice cream cone horn...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: fantasy
I started out trying for something whimsical which I have never attempted before, but as I got going I was led in a totally different direction. So whether for good or ill
this is what emerged. It ended up being one of those where the premise of it is that you think you've awoken from a dream only to realize in your dream that you're still dreaming.
Jeez, I hate when this happens! ! !
Sidi Mahtrow 06 May 2014

The Door to Your Dreams At the door was a rabbit With a leash on a cat I'm not too sure the habit Or the shape of the cat's hat. But the rabbit seemed quite confident That this was the address Someone had meant For delivering the cat in his finest dress. So, I assume you invited them in: For the rabbit a bit of greens For the cat, a bit of cream And for you, a return to your dreams. s

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Mockingjay Mellark 06 May 2014

This is a really great poem! I love the part with the unicorn knocking. From one creature of Fey to another. Maybe tonight that's what I'll dream of. Awesome!

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 12 May 2014

Hello Colleen. Thought I would read another of your poems. A cute one. I have apoem kind of like that, it's titled, The Queen of the Sea] Anyway, I enjoyed! Loyd

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Anand Brown 13 May 2014

I found humor in your poem, loved the use on fantasy. I feel you can write so much longer pieces, perhaps you'll spoil us with future short stories? That would be an absolute treat.

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Mazhari David 14 May 2014

Is the title a wink to Poe's Dream within a dream? Anyway, keep dreaming and sharing those dreams* *

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Maria Goodison 24 May 2021

Really nice flow and put together

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Stan Rodriguez 17 May 2018

interesting poem - enjoyed it very much - nice to be able to go out of the box.

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Richard Wlodarski 09 March 2017

Your poem was a perfect remedy for a stress filled week. Fun. Suspenseful. Sad. Yet optimistic. Vivid imagery. And what a great ending! Very well done. Congrats!

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Maria Goodison 01 April 2016

Awesome a good read

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Tyrone Gayle 18 September 2014

Wow, poems like these remind me why I fell in love with poetry. You ignited my fascination with this troubled fairy then left me suddenly in suspense as you transcended into another dream. Your manipulation of words was magical.

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