Past Beauty Poem by Colleen Courtney

Past Beauty

Rating: 4.3

I'm not the girl I used to be
That girl has gone away.
Where did she go? I do not know,
She simply went astray.
Her life once full of happiness
Of bright and sunny days,
An optimistic outlook
So hopeful, glad and gay.
But now so full of sadness
So gloomy, dark and gray.
No sunshine can break through these walls
Of hopeless, bitter days.
This girl was once so beautiful
Vivacious, proud and tall,
But now she sees just ugliness
In the mirror on my wall.


The real beauty lies beauty barely tapped............and what is mirror is standing there forever portraying ugliness and attractiveness, reflection of what you look like but has it got the ability to measure your inner beauty? a nice poem with a nice reflection of self..................

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Akhtar Jawad 30 May 2014

I think you are still beautiful, your poems are the witness. A Poet wrote a poem True Beauty. I read the poem in my college. He concludes A smooth and stead fast mind, Gentle thoughts and calm desires, Kindle nee'r dying fires.

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Leah Ayliffe 09 June 2014

This is a fabulous poem, beautiful despite the doubt of your beauty in these words. By the way thank you for your comments and the birthday wish :)

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Cheryl Butler 10 June 2014

I like this poem vivid emotion and image

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Chris Zachariou 15 June 2014

I think this poem is so sad. I can't help but wonder the reasons why life sometimes takes a certain road. But also is there still hope and can we ever go back. Well done Colleen, I love your poetry so far.

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Michael Walker 27 September 2015

I like these rhyming lines about the lost beauty of youth. Michael Walker.

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Mockingjay Mellark 14 July 2014

If looks are everything then when they are gone, what is left? This is a really good poem cause it's sending an important, clear message in the best way: without saying Here is a lesson to be learnt. It eases into the mind through a relaxing and enjoyable setting-a poem- and makes the readers think about it without putting up their defenses.

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Cheryl Griffith 12 July 2014

I love this poem it says so much about how life and time can change you and how sometimes you just can't recognise the person in the mirror. It speaks volume about life and is a very powerful poem. Reminds me of my poem Ode

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Cheryl Griffith 09 July 2014

I love this poem and I is so similar to my poem ODE read it and you would see same theme just different style. Good work keep writing

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Hans Vr 06 July 2014

I think this poem is very well written. Beauty of our body is transient but no one can destroy the beauty of our soul I think you will love my poem, ugly (80)

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