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I'm a 17-year-old guy from Constanta, Romania. Poetry has always been a passion of mine, although I haven't showed my 'artistic' side, so to say, until very recently. What made me exteriorize all of a sudden, you may enquire? Well, I'm going to make this as terse as possible: let's just say that I'm all grown up now!

Cristian Marian Necula Poems

A Tranquil Rose

As I sit on a bench
In a park,
Meditating and relaxing,
I see something which

The Circle Of Life

I'm like a knight without the armor and the shield
I've only to defend myself with the ink I always wield
Take the fight on and on til the rivals yield
Replace depression with its opposite til I get healed

What More Could I Ask For?

I've prayed for true love day and night
For one who'll make my lonely days shine
A ravishing girl whose eyes forever bright
Shall enlighten this not so vivid life of mine

Love Is A Fallacy

It comes, then it just disappears
Some people say that
It's one of the best things
That can happen to you


I sit and frown upon,
this picture before me.
My parents, my siblings
Years ago,

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