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1. I'M 10/8/2004
2. The Canary 10/8/2004
3. Bodyguard 10/8/2004
4. Hold Me Close 10/8/2004

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The Canary

‘There! Right there!
That damn canary!
Every single day
All it does is sing…
Over and over and over.
It drives me crazy!
Just to hear it go on and on,
It’s like rusting my ears with a sharp pole…
I can’t take this!
Why aren’t you helping me? !
I’m having problems here!
I’ll tell you what, why not write a poem
About a flipping canary?
You could call it;
Eardrums of a martyr.
There it goes again!
Its brain must be the size of a pinhead!
Poor ...

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