Love Is... Poem by Daniel Partlow

Love Is...

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What if I spoke all the many man and angel tongues?
Without love or charity, Id just be noisy cymbals and crashing gongs.
Understanding mystery and giving prophesy to the waters and to river;
Moving mighty mountains, does my faith endeavor.

Yet without Love, my soul is naught and I have nothing earned.
Love suffers long and seeks that truth be learned.
Love seeketh not her own gain or delight in angers burned.

Love beareth & believeth, hopeth & endureth, seeketh not iniquity or works of evil-clever.
Love is loyal, wise, supportive, hopeful; and love faileth never.

Based on 1st Cor.13 - My First Poem - Written in Honor of My Sister Laura's Wedding (also her Confirmation Reading)
I Tried Using the Rythm of The Raven, didn't quite fit, but the result was good enough to inspire me to move on to my second (and still my best work: SUNRISE ON THE MOUNT) .

Two other good love poems are: Wife of Valor, and Shulamite... One tragic love poem is Defiling B.Sheeba...

Brian Dorn 25 August 2007

Beautiful poem, Daniel... wonderful examples of what 'Love Is' and how vital it is to the world.

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Michael Gale 24 August 2007

Great poem. Great thoughts. Great words of wisdomed rhyme. God bless all poets and their readers alike-MJG.

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Daniel Partlow

Daniel Partlow

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