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I Love You Forever

As our hearts come together

In true love

Her Inside My Heart

Her In My Heart

A Gentle Whisper Of Forever Love

Our heart's always together

Our hearts beating together

Hearts Truly Together As One

Close your eyes dream of love
Close your eyes and feel
My love as our hearts in love pure love forever beating as one our
Hearts shall forever be truly

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15 December 2018

True love is forever inside My beating heart As hold my true love Forever im forever In love with the One woman who Has Truly touched my heart.

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Josephine Kennerly 12 June 2020

Thank you for your Poetry you have been blessed with an Amazing Gift

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Josephine Kennerly 01 March 2020

You are truly Mr.Romantic I enjoy your poetry very much

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Josephine 01 March 2020

David P.Carroll you truly are Mr.Romantic

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Love your Poetry.You truly are a very romantic Poet

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