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As our hearts come together

In true love

Our heart's always together

Our hearts beating together

Close your eyes dream of love
Close your eyes and feel
My love as our hearts in love pure love forever beating as one our
Hearts shall forever be truly

As we fall in love
We feel true love
Our hearts beating together
Our love smiling forever

We sing in love
We dance in love
Our hearts filled with love
As I take your hands

Forever We Are In True Love.

Your heart feels love
Beating warmly inside

The Day She Touched My Heart.

You made me feel true love
Never knowing true love

My True Sweetheart.

O my love I truly love you
Your sweetness so loving

As I softly whisper
Into your ear
Your truly beautiful
Your beauty has

Happy Birthday my sweetheart is I wish you a very special happy birthday to you and warm your heart filled with True Love forever and ever sweetheart knowing that on your birthday your heart is warm and sheltered inside my heart as our hearts smile together we embrace the true love on your birthday I wish you all of my love as I gently whisper

I love you forever.....

As the stars
Shine bright
Our hearts beat
Tonight feeling

You came into my heart with love You filled my heart with happiness
You made me feel true love
And gave me love I cherished
You held me when I was sad

Loving you forever as I cuddle you forever holding you tightly and softly whisper I'll never let you out of my heart,

I love you I truly do.....

My heart feels
True love, loving
Her is all I could truly
Do as I feel her heart

You're my best friend and forever my true lover
I know our true is true
Holding you forever inside
My beating heart

I never understood true love
I didn't think I truly would
I didn't really believe in true love until the day you touched my heart.

Listen to the sound of
Our hearts beating my love Feel our forever love
Butterflies flying above
Whenever we're apart

The Best Poem Of David P Carroll

I Love You Forever

As our hearts come together

In true love

We share a forever love

Inside our beating heart's

Happiness Love Peace Passion

And then sadness my love,

Love deep inside our hearts

For true love we forever smile

I Cherish your love

A gentle kiss upon your face

A warm Love to forever remember

As we fall in Love

Softly breathing together

Our Love always forever

I whisper softly into

Your ear

I love you forever.........

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Josephine Kennerly 12 June 2020

Thank you for your Poetry you have been blessed with an Amazing Gift

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Josephine Kennerly 01 March 2020

You are truly Mr.Romantic I enjoy your poetry very much

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Josephine 01 March 2020

David P.Carroll you truly are Mr.Romantic

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Love your Poetry.You truly are a very romantic Poet

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True love is forever inside My beating heart As hold my true love Forever im forever In love with the One woman who Has Truly touched my heart.

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David P Carroll Popularity

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