.4. A Burning Issue Poem by David Threadgold

.4. A Burning Issue

Rating: 4.8

Acid rain that burns the trees
The leaves of green turn brown
Their bark has turned a whitish grey
From water running down

It gets into the root stock
Of foods we eat at will
Mutating fruit and veg’s
In time they’ll make us ill

Smoke belching from the chimney stacks
Fill clouds with their pollution
To make up toxic raindrops
With a very weak dilution

Each country has a sliding scale
Most have slid off the top
The acid rain is taking life
Whenever will it stop?

© 2008 David Threadgold
Rambling Riddles & Rhymes

Catherine Rica Cosico 19 June 2008

Well penned piece about nature...the abuse to nature will return to us...into our own hands we make nature fall and into our own hands lies the future of this earth...Thanks 10/10 for you

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Ron Flowers 29 September 2008

Very well done, David. Also I thank you for reading and commenting on my poem. Regards Ron

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Stacey Watts 20 September 2008

This is a very good poem. Acid rain is definitely something destructive. I am not sure if it can totally be helped but hey with every ounce of prevention we take who knows.

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Tj Becker 19 September 2008

Nature and our environment is a big issue with me. where I live the air is still clean and fresh. Open spaces still exist, and though most of our wild horses are gone we still have our wildlife. It's poems like this that get attention, it was wonderfully written, and informative as well. Good job

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Ivor Hogg 03 September 2008

Not the problem it used to since controls were set in place Instead we have landfill sites overflowing with discarded material we used to burn and God knows what is seeping into the soil.It seems mankind can never get it right

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Subbaraman N V 07 July 2008

Most unfortunate thing in the world. We have to raise the conscience of the society to this miserable development. You have started.

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