Denis Mair

Gold Star - 18,742 Points [Mei Danli]

Denis Mair Poems

1. On The Olympic Coast 7/9/2015
2. Khaju Kerman Park 7/6/2015
3. The Dolphin Cry Of Immersion 7/9/2015
4. Invocation To Kun, The Receptive 8/17/2015
5. Invocation To Qian The Creative 1/27/2016
6. From Colville Street To Alder Street 2/8/2016
7. Globalized Yak 3/28/2016
8. A Native Elder Told Me 3/28/2017
9. Water Flows Into A Garden 4/1/2017
10. After A Talk With Luo Ch'ing 4/1/2017
11. I Visit The Site Of Seattle's Chinese Garden 4/6/2017
12. On A Hill Above Yuchi Township 4/6/2017
13. Hiking Trail At Mt. Koya (Haiku) 4/3/2017
14. For Jeremy 4/5/2017
15. Reaching Groundward 7/31/2017
16. My Honeymoon In Hangzhou 2/18/2018
17. Mowing Them Down 7/2/2015
18. Chair At The Poetry Reading 6/30/2015
19. Untitled 7/2/2015
20. Man Cut In Wood 1 7/9/2015
21. Man Cut In Wood 2 7/9/2015
22. The Prison In My Heart 8/5/2015
23. Applause 8/17/2015
24. Riddles In Green (& Hindi Translation) 6/26/2015
25. Pigeons Of Warehouse 20 6/27/2015
26. Corky The Magnificat 1/27/2016
27. Como Algo Compartilhado Entre Poetas 9/14/2016
28. World Picture 5/1/2017
29. Try A Little Dialogue 4/9/2016
30. Mist-Bound 5/3/2016
31. The Tank At The End Of Sanskrit Street, Gokarna 1/14/2016
32. My Father's Eightieth Birthday 2 7/2/2017
33. Tests In Years To Come 2/5/2018
34. Offering, By Luowu Muga 7/21/2016
35. Laughter As Salty As Tears 3/28/2017
36. Finally Comes The White Peacock 5/7/2016
37. Skies 5/1/2017
38. Girl In My Class 4/5/2017
39. Mamboing Past The Mambas 9/2/2017
40. Long-Qing Gorge 7/9/2015

Comments about Denis Mair

  • Denis Mair Denis Mair (9/2/2017 4:13:00 AM)

    She paid me in the kind of pennies that change hands when someone says PENNY FOR YOU THOUGHTS. I pay the thoughts forward and there is a shower of pennies from Heaven.

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  • Bri Edwards Bri Edwards (9/1/2017 1:42:00 AM)

    how much did you pay Pamela to say those words! ?

  • Pamela Sinicrope Pamela Sinicrope (6/8/2016 8:54:00 AM)

    I am humbled after reading through your poetry. Your poetic voice has a subtle soft ring to it as I read. At some parts the writing is conversational, and at others, I sense pure poetry at its best, with seamless meter, rhythm, alliteration and imagery. Metaphor and deeper meaning can easily be found by the reader, yet the writing doesn't hammer that in....which I like. The paths traveled by the speaker are much different from my own, which enables me (the reader) to go on a small adventure with each poem I read. The author's notes are of interest, but the style of writing enables the reader to also seek their own connections.

Best Poem of Denis Mair

Original Soup Of Life

Tell me, how can six feet of DNA get wound up inside a nucleus that is measured in microns?

How can so much thread get unspooled without tangling? And how does it get wound up again like a hawser?

How does DNA in a chromosome get so packed into coils and supercoils that it becomes a big biocrystal?

When the cell needs a certain segment of coding, how does the double helix unzip to the right place?

Before the cell divides, the DNA must be copied. How can the helix possibly unwind at 100 rpm during the duplication?

When the cell is ready to divide, what ...

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The Lawn Grass Elf

It was during my Walkman summer
I learned my lesson not to walk home late
To my low-rent street
While immersed in a violin concerto…
Suddenly two punks pulled a knife and gave me
A pretty heavy frisson of mortality.
After that I saved my Walkman
For walking near the park of Roses.
The landscaped and trellised yards

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