Why Two Sexes? Poem by Denis Mair

Why Two Sexes?

Rating: 4.9

- -for Clara

We all know it makes us tremble
We know it can make a person's voice husky
We know it stirs a frenzy in the blood
We know it inspires schmaltzy singing
We know it tugs us into arrangements
And sometimes leaves us high and dry
Nature stirs the pot of attraction
And we bubble with the broth
'Birds do it, bees do it, ' and the Wild Kingdom
Keeps cranking out its innumerable episodes
Why all the pollen and perfume and colors?
Why the silken skin, the spring in one's step?
Why is so much attention lavished
On the special way a person moves?
Why do we treat attachment as a promise?
Why do some make it a monument, some a trophy
Why do monuments get buried in dust?

Is it a splendid excess that needs to be dissipated?
Is it an accursed share of incompleteness?
Is it nature's way of shuffling a deck of cards?
Is it a dredging operation to clear up sludge?
Is it a balletic migration toward a state of felicity?
An existential errand? A recapitulation of cosmology?
A rehearsal for going back to the fountainhead
Or an inborn principle that guides sentient beings
Making life trajectories into melodies?

I am a human being, endowed with a mind
I too devote my attention, enjoy times for sharing
I too bask in the comforts of togetherness
But the question stays with me: WHY?
Like a six year old pestering his mother
But now I can only take the Creation as my Mother
Some say that life is to be lived, not questioned
And maybe the answer is too technical to fathom

Surely the question needs to be expanded
Surely it's time for the question to be refined
Maybe the Creator will note my sincere efforts
And raising questions will equip my understanding
The technical answer cannot be the final answer
As long as tears and laughter can confer meaning

Why Two Sexes?
Image: ''Haan' by Anton Heyboer (H-106-08) ....I chose this image by because of the passion it conveys. These ruminations on gender were inspired by the BOOK OF CHANGES..
Sylvia Frances Chan 25 May 2023

Incoming: Your poem is on place number 63 in the Top 100 of Best Member Ppems, Denis. Congratulations!

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WOW! TODAY on number 18. My greatest Congrats, Denis!

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Bharati Nayak 25 May 2023

A great philosophical write, thanks for sharing.Top marks for this poem and it goes to my fav list.

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Bharati Nayak 25 May 2023

Many deep questions raised.Life faces innumerable questions and answer is not coming.Even when we do not get an answer we are drawn into it.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 25 May 2023

Afterword: Most drawings (conté crayon) and paintings (acrylic) by Anton Heyboer are all in black, only a few are in colour, but I have never seen the coloured ones, this is brand-new for me, but it shows passion, power and life! I am also a paintress.

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Glen Kappy 30 October 2023

Dennis, I just saw the note you sent me back in May directing me to this poem. Two responses come to me—to fulfill the commandment to multiply and as an important expression of love. Take care! -Glen

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Tom Allport 01 July 2023

A wonderful write that makes one think

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 May 2023

TODAY this amazing poem is on number 18 of the Top 100 of Best Member Poems. CONGRATS, Denis!

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anais vionet 27 May 2023

Oh, and Congratulations on making the list! *clapping*

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anais vionet 27 May 2023

I like it - especially the first, questions stanza. But did you answer your question?

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