Bait Of Pity Poem by Denis Mair

Bait Of Pity

Rating: 5.0

Earthworm, Oh earthworm!
Poor earthworm crawling on the concrete
You are burned by sunrays and can't go back
You came up when dew was in the grass
You and your kind try to crawl everywhere
Earthworm, I feel sorry for you
I bend over to pick you up
You still have a little moisture
Like lover's lips in a daydream
I lay you in a patch of damp grass
Let you die with your nose in the dirt
Earthworm, you remind me of something
Like all the things that venture
Onto hard, unwelcoming places
Like a song that makes no difference
Earthworm do you know what you are losing?
If you don't, I'm here to know it for you
I lift you into shady grass
I'm not angling for anything
You and your kind ask for little
Yet you serve as muscle for the soil
Earthworm, you are not just a symbol
I'm not dangling sympathy in front of anyone
I am on the pavement too

Saturday, June 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: nature,vulnerability
Susan Williams 22 February 2016

Yet you serve as muscle for the soil- - - - - a neatly turned image I’m not angling for anything- - - - - great and subtle word play there I am enamored of this poem- it was like taking a walk and experiencing this moment myself. Can't wait to read more of your work.

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Denis Mair 22 February 2016

Knowing that my words are appreciated is a good feeling. I love working with words to make something people can enjoy. I ask myself if it is worthwhile for someone to spend time reading this. I hope to offer fruits from many hours of reflection, but I don't want to bog anyone down. Maybe at some point my writing will grapple head on with ultimate questions of life's meaning. For now, beauty and gentle humor spin a thread that guides me. Again, thank you for your appreciative reading that spurs on a poet's efforts.

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Jane Campion 19 July 2019

A true poet will pick up an earthworm and write a poem. To observe nature is the calling of a poet. To express its essence is a need. A wonderful poem. I, too, have picked up earthworms to try and save them. I am deeply touched by your poem.

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Sarah Shahzad 11 December 2019

Very snazzy style! This poem, regardless of it’s powerful content, is a delight to read... i'm write as well so please check my site to :)

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Bharati Nayak 22 January 2020

Many of your poems attract me to re-read.It is one of them.There is so much sympathy for a small creature like earthworm.We all go through highs and lows.At some point all need sympathy and comforting words.I like the poems which show empathy to distressed.Thanks for this wonderful poem.

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Bri Edwards 15 May 2023

So, you are 'dangling' empathy, not 'sympathy', .........BUT what if the worm is allergic to grass, loves the sunrays and its orthopedist told it that being on hard surfaces is good for the worm's back? ? ?

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Bri Edwards 15 May 2023

Below, in Sept.2017, you sent me 'I have changed the second line to: POOR CREATURE CRAWLING ON THE PAVEMENT.' So, you must have changed it back to cement. ;))))))))))))))

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Bri Edwards 15 May 2023

If a worm 'crawls' on cement, it MIGHT leave a trail when the cement hardens to concrete, but I think it'd have to be a very HEAVY worm.

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Bharati Nayak 18 February 2021

My comment could not be posted because it crossed word limit.While expressing a thought it is not always possible to keep a watch on word limit.Here there is no scope for edits.Please add some feature for edits.

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Denis Mair 06 September 2020

Thank you, Geeta! How fortuitous that you commented on my earthworm poem only a day after I commented on your firefly poem (titled INTERESTING INSECTS 4) ! / My poem's title does not mention the word " earthworm, " yet you intuitively found it. Both of us wrote poems celebrating the lives of humble creatures. This shows some kind of affinity.

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