The Mountain That Still Needs Climbing Poem by Denis Mair

The Mountain That Still Needs Climbing

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Up on the mountain where people keep horses
A thoroughbred took me on a morning walk.
And whenever her head reared in laughter
I wanted to gallop with her through space.
I found a leaf on a big woody stem
Which would make a spoon for sipping sunset clouds,
Perfect for scooping up the twilight dew
But she told me it would be my weapon now;
I should take it to find the mountain lions,
But first I should give my face a lion-like expression
So the lions could show up halfway human.
I would join their war council near the peak
And negotiate for the safety of Kelsie-dog
With her curtsey perfected in Louis' court
Not a dog to slog in a bog, a doggone dog of god
That deserves my special esteem!
And what is more, my walking companion
Blessed my weapon with a shake of her mane
To let it double as a planting tool,
Suitable to scoop up beancurd squeezings
To make perfect compost for my flowers.
'A forty-year old woman is like beancurd squeezings
A fifty-year old man is like a flower, '

I came up the mountain in a puffing car
The red needle was near the red zone
But the mountain cooled my radiator.
I climbed this far, then we watched hawks
Climb circles in the deep well of sky.
I got drunk on blue, and almost fell in
And realized the climb had just begun.
Her voice sang like a mountain wind
In the shell of my ear, in the net of my nerves;
Her song set me loose to play in fields in color
It called up scenes of stained glass
Behind my eyes transforming
Then fading away in the breeze.
Please give me that light again
After all the movies I've seen
In a theater outside of me,
All those cheap flashes I did not earn,
I will prove how precious
My own scenes of light can be.

Thursday, July 2, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: affection,beauty,meditation,nature,realisation
Fond memories of visiting my friend and teacher at a mountain house in Malibu.
'Bean curd squeezings' describes a person who is all washed up. Supposedly, a person of my teacher's age is ready to be chucked out, but an even older man like me is seasoned by age. This was silly verbiage that came up in my banter with my Buddhist teacher.
The poem refers to my teacher's singing. She improvises beautiful free-form mantras, which she has performed in venues around the Bay Area and in L.A.

A wonderful work filled with beautiful images! Well done my friend!

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Denis Mair 23 May 2016

Howard, knowing you to be the one who CHOSE MOUNTAINS in one of your poems, I am extra pleased to read this note of encouragement. Thanks for dropping by on your way to more sumits.

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It is great to be in contact with fellow climber. Much success to you as you continue to climb and conquer you mountains.

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Susan Williams 03 May 2016

It's not silly verbiage, Denis! It's the loveliest poem that ever took me up a mountain that still needs climbing. There are so many words and phrases in this piece that I fell heads over hills with, and some sent me tumbling with laughter, many I can only envy your talent in writing. I have to tell you that this one stopped me in my tracks and I stood there enjoying the view instead of continuing up that mountain for a while- - -].I found a leaf on a big woody stem Which would make a spoon for sipping sunset clouds. Perfect for scooping up the twilight dew - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ] You, sir, so richly deserve this being selected as Poem of the Day.

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Rebecca Navarre 22 July 2023

And Beyond #'S! ..+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Rebecca Navarre 22 July 2023

Wow incredible beauty and heart painted here! .. Thank you so much for sharing! .. Simply breathtaking! ..

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Monty Idumallab 24 June 2023

absolutely fantastic imagery.....well I wish I can write half as good as this....

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Savita Tyagi 24 July 2019

Marvelous poem and a lovely breathtaking imagery. But mountain climbing itself is breathtaking and head spinning. Enjoyed the poem very much. Accept the bean curd squeegeeing. If I was under forty may be I would have believed it but now at my age I would say....keep on squeezing you would never reach the last drop.....that is Maya....fascinating and ever your teacher’s singing....thank you Denis for sharing and thank you so much for your recent comment.

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Denis Mair 25 July 2019

Ha ha! What you say about bean curd squeezings is amusing. You certainly know how to keep the ball of humor rolling. I'll bet you and Bri Edwards have had some entertaining exchanges. Thanks for honoring my poem with a thoughtful reading.

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Adeeb Alfateh 27 June 2019

Her song set me loose to play in fields in color It called up scenes of stained glass Behind my eyes transforming Then fading away in the breeze. great write on love will come the eyes will sleep a while this chest is the palace of love this mind is the flying dove great 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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