I Want To Be Your Personal Poetry Trainer Poem by Denis Mair

I Want To Be Your Personal Poetry Trainer

Rating: 4.8

Come on, trust yourself, I know how to lead you on
Aren't you ready yet to check out my chops?
I'm prepared to set your riff thing in motion!
Let's go someplace where scriptwriters eat
And shake words like coins across the table:
Soon you'll be spending with the best of them.
My heavy thoughts start with a baseline drone;
I'm here to prompt you, not to overwhelm.
On dull days you can cancel, but I'll come back,
My perfect tracking stays with your thread,
Or if you get lost, I slog along beside you.
My eyes will display an exaggerated glaze
Only if you clue me in on pyramid schemes,
Or tell me the latest from scandal sheets.
We won't get gummed up in any kind of feelings,
With every client, results are my sole concern,
That is, I'm here to strengthen your verbal highs.
I mean, I'll go with you into riffs of any kind
But they've got to build your riffing capacity;
You and I won't be spinning any wheels,
Unless new letters come up each time.
I don't dump on you, I'm too professional,
If you dump on me, I have an escape clause,
And besides, we pour it all in the river
That flows past the scene of human damage.
Go ahead, throw something at me
We can toss planets and sling comets
Play catch on Walt Whitman's cosmic scale
Or just up the ante on how much we see
In a bowl of fruit or an old man's face.
I want you to trust the air to carry pictures
And when the picture breaks, to carry words away.
I want the lyricism of wanting-to-tell,
Let the delivery take care of itself.
We can go to the beach or museum,
But only to catch grooves on the atmosphere.
We can take a tape recorder with us;
You'll get tapes full of raw material,
Which can get unwieldy, so I also provide
An editing service, for which you pay more.
Our regimen may get intense, phone calls late at night;
And arguments of aesthetics may arise
If you just start stringing platitudes together
And don't feel the breath in these chunks
That I ripped from the gristle of life!
We may go on a road trip, or share consolation
It may even come to a roll in the hay
But Hey! I'm a pro. I only let it all happen
So your evocative river runs all the stronger,
And if the ripples on that river
Don't start flexing like muscles
I haven't done my job, and I give a full refund.

If you ask for my standing as poet-athlete
You betray how little you know of this game.
I perform to set a pattern, but love exploring
And explore best of all by luring YOU out.
As trainer I will fall back and watch you glide,
And part of me is still a gee-whiz hayseed
Who likes getting rolled under your head of steam
And beats hands together at the curtain call
When your performance finally calls up
The very spirits of the air

Thursday, July 2, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: poetic expression
Susan Williams 08 April 2016

I enjoyed this! It made me grin, at times I laughed out loud, but the thing is you cannot stop yourself from writing the sharpest most incisive lines even if you want to- - - - - ] Let's go someplace where scriptwriters eat And shake words like coins across the table: Soon you’ll be spending with the best of them.- - - - - - - - -] then you jump over to this- - - -] We can toss planets and sling comets Play catch on Walt Whitman's cosmic scale- - - - - - - - - ] Dang it, you twirl your reader around your finger and then set sail for another place in your imagination and we hear the fading echo of your chuckle as you leave us behind, flatfooted in your poetic dust

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Denis Mair 08 April 2016

This kind of endorsement will look good on my resume. I aspire to work with the stars, even unknown ones whose light is muted by large quantities of dark matter.

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Denis Mair 08 April 2016

I sent this poor poetic waif out into the world. Finally someone has wiped its runny nose and treated it kindly. I recited this poem once on open mike, but the audience remained stony faced, perhaps because my delivery was stony faced. I submitted it to a webzine but got no reply. I wanted to speak up for my waif, to recommend its good qualities, but I decided it is best to let go and trust that someone will see its charm.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 12 March 2024

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: The poet encourages the reader to trust their instincts, embrace lyricism, and capture raw material from life experiences. It's a call to explore creativity and let the words flow naturally, much like a personal trainer 5 Stars full. TFS

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Sylvia Frances Chan 12 March 2024

This poem is about: encouragement, mentorship, and the creative process. The poem expresses a desire to guide and inspire someone in their poetic journey.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 12 March 2024

I am no one's coach nor personal poetry trainer, I just wanna give my thoughts about this epic poem, very fascinating to read 5 Stars

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Valsa George 06 September 2017

This is such a stunning write....! If you become the poetry trainer and begin coaching us, you will surely 'toss planets and sling comets' and we will stand transfixed dazed by the power of your magic....! But wonder if any of us can reproduce your magic! You are indeed a poet who deserves more recognition!

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Denis Mair 07 September 2017

Coaches have coaches. I think we are coaches for each other.

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Kathy Van Kurin 02 March 2017

Denis Mair, This was quite amazing. I found all the inner pull phrases to be so right on! You were able to write a fun romp list of ideas for the person who may need a little attention to prods to further their poetry perfection. Shake words like coins across the table..........or if you get lost i'll slog along beside you........great escape clause....trust the air to carry pictures..........evocative river runs stronger......and when your performance calls up the very spirits of air..............It is difficult to express my enjoyment of I want to be your personal poetry trainer.: It was a blast! Blessings to you in your life and writing...........................kathy

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Denis Mair 03 March 2017

You are right...There has to be some mysterious inner pull...otherwise the poem won't snap and crackle like a campfire. Thanks for letting my poem resonate between your ears! Actually we can be poetry trainers for each other...otherwise we will probably sound like a conference of crows.

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